Fans launch campaign for Warner to make Ben Affleck’s ‘The Batman’ #MakeTheBatfleckMovie

Before Ben Affleck stepped down as Bruce Wayne at the DCEU, he was preparing to direct a solo Batman movie. However, the idea was ultimately rejected when Affleck decided to drop the role after bad reactions from critics and audiences alike about Joss Whedon’s “ Justice League. ”

With the success of Zack Snyder’s version, Affleck fans now want to see his solo film and have launched a campaign with the hashtag #MakeTheBatfleckMovie.

When the fans want it, they work really hard and DC fans are the most diligent.

To give you an idea, the hashtag #RestoreTheSnyderVerse reached 1.5 million tweets in less than 24 hours and broke a new record.

When reporter Scott Mendelson suggested that Affleck gave up on the idea for lack of love for the character, illustrator Jay Oliva came out to defend the star.

Responsible for the storyboards of the “ Justice League ”, Oliva countered a tweet from Mendelson saying that the adaptation made by Affleck would make fans proud.


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“The multiverse and parallel realities in the DC movies is because ‘Batman vs Superman’ messed it up. So much so that Ben Affleck didn’t want to be Batman anymore and they had to go down a side route to make a Batman movie in another universe, ”Mendelson said.

To which Oliva replied:

“Scott, am I curious where you got this information from?” Did Ben tell you that? Because I personally worked with him before he left the project and I never saw him lose interest in Batman. Your solo movie would make fans proud.

I’m curious where you got this information from Scott? Did Ben tell you this because I was personally working with him right before he left the project and it didn’t once seem like he didn’t want to be Batman. His version of Batman in his solo movie would have made fans go wild.

– Jay Oliva (@ jayoliva1) December 29, 2020

At the time of the announcement, it was announced that Batman will have the Terminator Company (Joe Manganiello) as the main villain.

During an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Manganiello touched on the subject and gave some details about the adaptation.

“It was a really dark story, in which the Terminator was like a horror movie villain. It would break Bruce’s mind from the inside out. The film would be Batman’s most violent and darkest because the Terminator killed everyone who was close to Bruce.

He continued:

“They already had a story together. Slade [Wilson] I was going to hunt Batman because he blamed him for something that had happened to him, something that had ended his life and any trace of humanity he still had.

While he hasn’t revealed what the connection between the characters would be, it looks like Slade Wilson would lose people he loved and blamed the Batman for it.

Would you like Warner to do Ben Affleck’s Batman?

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