Fans suggest The Weeknd’s songs are declarations of love for Angelina Jolie; To verify!

A few months ago, rumors began to surface that singer The Weeknd was having a romance with actress Angelina Jolie (“Maleficent”).

It all started when they were spotted together at an Italian restaurant in Los Angeles on September 26.

After the meal, they were photographed leaving the scene in the same car. Before I say it, they had already been clicked in the same restaurant in June.

And it looks like The Weeknd made some secret statements to the beloved through two songs: “Here We Go… Again” and “Starry Eyes”.

In an excerpt from the first song, Weeknd says:

“My new girlfriend is a movie star / my new girlfriend is a movie star.”

Enjoy watching:

Although he didn’t reveal any names, the phrase was enough for fans to start theorizing that the star the singer is referring to is Angelina herself.

Then she declares herself saying that she was the one who made him fall in love after he promised never to be involved with anyone again.

“When I make her laugh, I swear it heals my depressing thoughts. Girl she’s a movie star […] I told myself that I would never fall in love again, but here we go again.

In “Starry Eyes” one of the stanzas reads:

“I only met you in my dreams before, when I was young and alone in the world. And now you are my reality. And I want to feel close to you, but you are defeated baby. Broken, bruised, suffering from a broken soul […] Let me Love You. Let me love you like you need to.

For fans, the singer evokes the end of the relationship between Jolie and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, divorced since 2016.

In another verse he exalts the strength of the mysterious Beloved, saying:

“You haven’t been touched by a man for so long, because last time you were so strong.”

In November of last year, while promoting “Eternals,” Jolie was interviewed by E! News if her kids were happy to see her at Marvel and what they thought of her friendship with The Weeknd.

In response, she smiled but ignored the question about the singer.

“My kids are really excited about the movie, if that’s what you ask. Very excited, ”she said.

Recall that Jolie remains single after her divorce from Pitt, as well as Weeknd, who ended her relationship with model Bella Hadid in 2019.

Regardless, the duo have already entered some of the most talked-about social media topic, with several fans posting messages of encouragement for the supposed couple and highlighting the theories that bolster the secrecy.

To verify:

“My new daughter is a movie star” – @ theweeknd #DawnFM pic.twitter.com/LibnvAnzoB

– The Weeknd Charts (@WeekndChart) January 7, 2022

Really, The Weeknd, I’m sure when Angelina Jolie laughs at someone’s jokes she heals that person’s depression

– (@PiinkCookie) January 7, 2022

did you hear the song that the weeknd did for angelina jolie ??? pic.twitter.com/HHDV42Wo8E

– # LULA13 (@alvescarvalhu) January 7, 2022

If the gossip that the weekend and Angelina Jolie are so together is real, I swear they are the cutest couple in the world

– laura (@lauramsbraga) January 7, 2022

the weekend talks about angelina jolie in let’s go… once again alskkdkakslkdla abel do Céu

– karina (@karinamarials) January 7, 2022

the weekend just did a song p angelina jolie
formalize soon

– r (@raulzikos) January 7, 2022

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