‘Fantastic Beasts’: Forbes Says Franchise May Be Canceled After 3rd Movie

Forbes magazine published a critical article on the “Fantastic Beasts” franchise – and the end of the “Harry Potter” saga spin-off.

Since the inception of the new film franchise, which has had five films confirmed, countless controversies have started to surround the production.

The first of these was the hiring of Johnny Depp to live out the villainous Grindelwald: Depp had faced a difficult trial alongside ex-wife Amber Heard, accused of sexual and domestic violence. The actor ended up being “fired” from the third last-minute film and will receive nearly 83 million reais for filming a single scene from the production.

The second rebelled with Ezra Miller. The interpreter of Credence Barebone / Aurelius Dumbledore has been spotted assaulting a fan and since then fans have called for his removal from the saga.

Most recently, the storyteller has drawn some damn attention to her by posting transphobic posts on her official Twitter, being struck by countless stars from the original franchise. For this reason, the famous newspaper analyzed the numbers of the first films of “Fantastic Animals” and made a not very favorable outlook.

The factors in question, combined with the swaying narrative construction and cold reception from audiences and critics for the final film, may indicate an untimely end to the prequel. After all, “ Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ” (2018) saw a dramatic drop in revenue, grossing just $ 614 million (on a budget of $ 200 million). For comparison, the first iteration had a box office of 814 million US dollars – which is also a high level for the Wizarding Universe, considering the number of “Harry Potter”.

Now, the main element that will decide the fate of “Fantastic Beasts” is the audience. After all, according to the magazine, “if fans jump out of the boat, the franchise will follow the same fate as” X-Men “and” Divergent “” (for those who don’t remember, both sagas had a terrible resolution or annulment). in the rooms).

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“ Fantastic Beasts 3, ” still without an official subtitle, is set to debut in 2022.

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