‘Fantastic Four’: director criticizes studio for modifying entire film

‘Fantastic Four’ was a franchise that didn’t make it into theaters, and the 2015 reboot, starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Jamie Bell, also saw that failure.

After director Josh Trank recently removed the film from his filmography on Instagram, he decided to talk about what was wrong with the project.

Trank filmed over half of “Fantastic Four” and due to issues with the behind-the-scenes cast, he was ultimately replaced by Simon Kinberg, who was responsible for the entire third act of the plot.

According to the director, the studio stepped in and decided to re-edit the entire film.

“It was like being neutered,” Trank told Polygon.

“You work there, and you basically watch the producers cut the scenes, take the essential five minutes, decide the sequence of events that are going to build up what happens and what they need. And then, because they know you’re nice, they’re going to be nice to you, like, “Well, does that sound good?” You can say yes or no, ”he says.

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Recently, screenwriter Jeremy Slater also acknowledged the negative outcome of the report on his Twitter.

“When I finally knocked on the door, I had three dream projects on my wish list. One of them was Marvel (by the way, sorry for those people, really!), The other was “Star Wars” and the third, of course, was Stephen King “

Now, with the purchase of Fox by Disney, the “Fantastic Four” should win, in fact, a film worthy of its importance.

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