“Fantastic Four”: Fans Are Already Making Theories About The Reboot’s Plot; Check out the reactions!

Fans of the “ Fantastic Four ” finally got an update on the MCU reboot when Kevin Feige announced that Jon Watts (“ Spider-Man: Far From Home ”) will be directing the adaptation.

Marvel Creative Director Feige has repeatedly called heroes “ the first family of superheroes, ” which was reason enough for speculation to arise.

“Will the movie set in the past and the quartet got stuck in time during the current events of the MCU?” One asked.

On social networks, several Internet users publish messages of anguish and wait for the intrigue, the last films of the quartet never having reached their true potential.

Check out the reactions:

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How satisfying to wake up and see we’ll have a Fantastic Four reboot pic.twitter.com/wXRdNFfcCE

– Ismael Falcão ⚡ (@maelfalcao) December 11, 2020

Kevin Feige referred to the Fantastic Four as the first Marvel family several times yesterday and yes I know it’s a common title in the comics but WHAT IF the movie is a thing of the past and they were stuck in the negative area all the time?

– davi or arthur || PEDROLORIAL SPOILERS (@walkingplothole) December 11, 2020

think here how they will present the fantastic quartet at UCM
I’m a little scared
but let them come along with Galactus 😍

– Jean Antonini (@eujeanini) December 11, 2020

The MCU will finally bring the Fantastic Four. Put John Krasinski as Mr. Fantastic and have no excuse to make Dr. Doom the villain of the next saga

– Chicago (@chicoisinrhye) December 11, 2020

Silver Surfer will probably participate in new productions of the fantastic quartet.

But it would be a sensational series just for him, he’s the most road movie character in all of Marvel and it would be great to see something like that.

– Locadora do Futuro 🤯 (@DoLocadora) December 11, 2020

Hopefully in Fantastic Four Jon Watts will work with the same team that created the Mysterio costume. Then we can expect some amazing visuals from the Quartet itself and, if applicable, Doctor Destino too pic.twitter.com/NUiHgu3iYY

– Cauã | ➃ | (@ cauamorais01) December 11, 2020

It took, but eventually Marvel announced the Fantastic Four within the MCU.

Hope it’s not shit like Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. pic.twitter.com/oWzAeFtdMe

– respawnado (@respawnado) December 11, 2020

Fantastic Four confirmed to MCU
Yesterday gave in eh

– Venom Vascaíno (@Vaxcorpion) December 11, 2020

Oloco will have another fantastic quartet film

– sabrina (@sbgurita) December 11, 2020

fi is so kkkkkkkk, but best of all was a fantastic quartet

– tuco (@artur__franco) December 11, 2020

Marvel announces Fantastic Four movie pic.twitter.com/PKZoHKm0Rk

– Dória Aventureira (@ DriaAventureir1) December 11, 2020

Ant Man and the Wasp 3
The Fantastic Four
Black panther 2
Captain Marvel 2
Ms. Marvel
Wanda and Vision Trailer
Winter soldier and falcon
And so many other things

Yes, I catch myself panicking # DisneyInvestorDay pic.twitter.com/lSYGjSsVhj

– Dória Aventureira (@ DriaAventureir1) December 11, 2020

Disney thinks we asked for all of this and is absolutely right about FANTASTIC QUARTET

– Williams is in 1984 with Diana Breaking Everything (@WilliamsHenriq) December 11, 2020

fantastic quartet movie and kang the conqueror confirmed in new movie Ant-Man and the Wasp B)

– RA-RA-RAPUTSKIN (@yRaphytas) December 11, 2020

If the fantastic quartet don’t look good now, they never look good

– Leonhardt (@leoalvescrf) December 11, 2020

Brother the fantastic foursome man my god man my god

– gabo (@pottstxrk) December 11, 2020

There will be a Fantastic Four movie before X-Men. 🥶🥶 https://t.co/cvLIcz1zDE

– Fernando Diego Sioli (@ferdiesioli) December 11, 2020

A decent Fantastic Four movie, finally, without an Ooooor

– Mandi (@mandi_andi) December 11, 2020

Check out the restart logo:

Jon Watts will direct Marvel’s First Family new feature, Fantastic Four! pic.twitter.com/4EswhPLM2w

– Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) December 11, 2020

Marvel president Kevin Feige plans to re-release the dysfunctional superhero family in 2023.

This will be the fourth attempt to honor the legacy of the team in question, just following Roger Corman’s time-honored 1994 film, the failed Tim Story mini-franchise that debuted in 2005, and the audience-slaughtered version and Josh Trank’s reviews in 2015.

No other information was revealed.

The latest ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot was one of the biggest public criticisms and fiascos in recent history, as the chaos behind the scenes spawned one of the film industry’s most interesting stories. (especially when it was revealed that one of the actors almost hit the road with director Josh Trank).

The “Fantastic Four” remake cost $ 120 million and only grossed $ 167 million worldwide.

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