Fast and Furious 5: Operation Rio | 10 years of tribute to Rio that redefined the franchise

In September, the Fast and Furious franchise celebrates its 20th anniversary. Started as an adventure on tuned car cracks and influenced by police movies, the saga ended up mutating over time, but it even won audiences over by taking that film imprint by storm. This entry into the genre solidified exactly 10 years ago, when it hit theaters in Fast and Furious 5: Operation Rio, a feature film set in the Marvelous City, which was tasked with changing the course of Dominic. Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his friends in America once and for all in theaters, and ended up portraying an essence of Brazil that seems far from coming back.

Starting with the context in which the film was recorded. At the time, Rio de Janeiro made its way into international news for good because it was preparing to host Rio + 20, the 2014 FIFA World Cup and also the Rio 2016 Olympics. Because of this sequence of events, the city began a series of urban reform projects and pacification attempts that would change Rio’s dynamic once and for all, marking a unique moment for those who can experience it. More than that, it was a hopeful period, as Rio and Brazil in general had several domestic and foreign investments. The country was well regarded on the international stage and people were getting closer to quitting the hunger map every day. It was as if, at the turn of the decade, the country ceased to become the “country of the future”, a term coined 70 years ago, and finally became the “country of the present”. It was a hopeful and differentiated atmosphere to be with the eyes of the world turned here.

All these events took place in less than a decade in the wonderful city

Other than that, it was the last time Rio’s big four football clubs had a historic title streak. Flamengo won the Brazilian champion in 2009 with gala performances from Serbian Petkovic, 2010 Botafogo Carioca champion in the historic penalty shootout in which Uruguayan Loco Abreu defeated Flamengo goalkeeper Bruno with the famous cavadinha, the two-time Brazilian champion Fluminense in 2010 and 2012 with striker Fred establishing his status as a tricolor idol, and Vasco da Gama’s Trem Bala da Colina, who won the Brazilian Cup and came second in the Brasileirão 2011 with Juninho Pernambucano, Felipe, Diego Souza and Cia. optimism in the sport of Rio de Janeiro.

Rio’s last major team streak dates back almost ten years. Then the crisis started in the four, but only Flamengo managed to organize and solve the finances.

At that time, the Vasco and Flamengo boards were arguing behind the scenes who were delivering more gift shirts to famous internationals who had just been enchanted by the city. And the cast of Fast and Furious hasn’t escaped. As the saga debutant The Rock posed for a photo in Rubro-Negro da Gávea’s shirt, franchise protagonist Vin Diesel paraded in his white Hill Giant shirt. It seems unthinkable these days, right? But this has been quite common over the past decade.

Actions by the board of directors aimed at exposing brands internationally and offering cool memories to stars of the big screen.

In theaters, Rio was also the protagonist, as were some of Hollywood’s biggest productions choosing the city as the location of their projects. Among them we highlight The Incredible Hulk (2008), Os Mercenários (2009), the Oscar nominated animation, Rio (2011) and, of course, the birthday boy of the day: Fast and Furious 5: Operation Rio ( 2011). And what’s cool about these productions is that they portray a pre-reformed Rio de Janeiro. In the assault of the Toretto family it is possible to see points that no longer exist, such as Perimetral, Cinelândia without the VLT and an almost abandoned Porto Maravilha.

Some of the biggest hits of the time took place in Rio de Janeiro.

Then, in this optimistic and positive atmosphere, the plot of Fast and Furious 5 arrived with everything to enjoy the incredible landscapes of the postcard of Brazil and tell a very funny story about the theft of the safe of one of the crimes South Americans. bosses. Of course, there are some very random moments, like the onslaught of an express train through the Brazilian desert, which is very similar to Arizona. The scene doesn’t add much, especially since neither the train nor the desert really exists, but it did make for a very interesting action sequence. And it’s interesting how they bring in a political plot that remotely remembers what was portrayed in Elite 2’s Tropa, not to mention the scenes that attempt to replicate the “Favela Movie” subgenre.

Enjoy watching:

The big bad of the plot, even, remembers the imprisoned ex-governors of the wonderful city a lot.

Another point worth highlighting is the soundtrack. They take advantage of some Latin hits, valuing rap a lot, in addition to bringing in big names from the national music scene, such as Marcelo D2, MV Bill and Carlinhos Brown. And it ends with the sound of Danza Kuduro, an international hit that won several releases in Brazil and ended up marking time, more or less like Despacito was a few years ago, and ended up becoming a meme. thanks to the closure of the phenomenon. it was the soap opera Avenida Brasil. Speaking of memes, the film also immortalized the scene of the discussion between Vin Diesel and The Rock, which ends with Vin calling his allies over there in the Cidade Nova area to chew on the brucutu goatee saying, ‘C’ is Brazil! ”. It’s no surprise that the scene went viral on the Brazilian internet soon after.

The iconic moment when Don says, “This is Brazil” has become a meme in the country

It’s also impossible to talk about this movie without remembering the characterizations. Although it’s called “Operation Rio,” the team only stayed in the city for four days and recorded only the scenes strictly necessary to properly portray Rio on the big screens. There was also a study to do a good characterization of the characters and a truckload of contracts signed with local businesses. The result: international stars disguised as Gari, military police taking Brahma, Antarctica and eating Piraquê snacks. It’s a lot of fun watching the movie and researching the well-known brands that appear on the scene. Because this is a multi-million dollar Hollywood production, these items look odd in the nest, which is a good laugh.

Before being Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot was a Gari in Rio de Janeiro.

In terms of plot, the film is important because it introduces Agent Luke Hobbs (The Rock), one of the centerpieces of the franchise today, into this universe. He is also retiring Vince (Matt Schulze), leaving room for the entry of new characters into this family nucleus of Don. Not to mention that the film leaves all members of the “Toretto family” millionaires, who each take to a corner of the world like international thieves, paying attention to the couple Han (Sung Kang) and Gisele (Gadot), who would win a even greater importance in movie six.

The point is, Fast and Furious 5: Operation Rio marked a generation and has great merit in being able to capture that optimistic spirit that Brazil and Rio de Janeiro were experiencing at that time. And its importance in the franchise is unquestionable, since its events directly influence the events of Fast and Furious 6 and Fast and Furious 7. Like it or not, the feature film has conquered its space in the popular imagination and now completes a decade of existence.

Fast and Furious 5: Operation Rio is available on Netflix

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