‘Fast and Furious 9’, ‘Morbius’, ‘Venom 2’, ‘007’ and other films have to be postponed again …

The film industry suffered a huge crash last year with the COVID-19 pandemic. The big studios have bet their chips on streaming services and changed the storyline of feature film releases in shocking and unprecedented ways. And it looks like the impacts of the coronavirus still extend until 2021.

According to a new report from Variety, with around 65% of theaters closed in the United States and thousands more closed around the world, studios are facing distribution challenges. Even with vaccines already applied, improvements will still take time to be felt and, for this reason, blockbusters can be reprogrammed once more so as not to suffer from the box office drag, as well as with ” TENET ”, which did not even arrive the amount needed to cover the accounts.

“ Cinderella, ” an adaptation of the new classic starring Camila Cabello, is the first major release of 2021, which premieres on February 5. Since no promotional material for the film has been released except for some behind-the-scenes photos, it is likely that the feature will be postponed; “ King’s Man: The Origin, ” a prequel to the famous franchise starring Taron Egerton, arrives shortly thereafter, in the second week of March (and, given that it has undergone several changes, another does would not be surprising).

“Morbius the Living Vampire”, perhaps the biggest film of the first quarter of the year, is one of the main titles to report. After all, the spin-off has a reputation to uphold, especially after the hugely successful “ Venom, ” another spin-off from Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man universe (which grossed over $ 850 million in the world). Therefore, it is likely that the studio will not release the feature until the market warms up well.

Other big titles are “Fast and Furious 9” and “007 – No Time to Die”, whose budgets exceed the exorbitant amount of 250 million dollars. Launching them on VOD and streaming platforms would be a risky move, with little chance of making a huge financial return – even more so if we remember the extremely high box office of the previous films of the franchises in question.

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“Godzilla vs. Kong ‘, which is set to debut in May, is part of the WarnerMedia Group and, for that reason, will be released both on HBO Max and in theaters – along with all of the company’s remaining titles. “Black Widow”, scheduled for the same period, still has a fate that could be undermined by the current situation in cinemas. Then we’ll need what Marvel and Disney are planning.

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