‘Fate: The Winx Saga’: Meet the characters live on Netflix in a new video!

To promote the launch of the “Fate: A Winx Saga” series, Netflix has released a new video featuring the characters from the production.


All episodes from the first season are now available on Netflix!

Enjoy watching:

Created by Iginio Straffi and Brian Young, the series is an adaptation of the famous Italian cartoon “The Winx Club”.

The plot follows five fairy friends who arrive at Alfea, a magical boarding school located in Otherworld, where they must learn to harness their powers while venturing among the loves, rivalries, and monsters that threaten their very existence.

The cast includes Abigail Cowen (Bloom), Hannah van der Westhuysen (Stella), Precious Mustapha (Aisha), Eliot Salt (Earth), Elisha Applebaum (Musa), Sadie Soverall (Beatrix), Freddie Thorp (Riven), Danny Griffin ( Sky), Theo Graham (Dane) and Jacob Dudman (Sam).

Make sure to watch:


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