‘Father of the Bride’ will be restarted

Warner Bros. is going full speed ahead with the reboot of the classic ‘Father of the Bride’.

Deadline revealed that Gaz Alazraki was chosen by the studio to direct the new film, which will revolve around a Latin family.

Alazraki has been a significant force in the Mexican film industry, creating the original Netflix series “ Club de Cuervos ”.

Unfortunately, it has not been revealed which actors will be involved in the reboot.

It’s worth remembering that the first “ Father of the Bride ” came out in 1991 and tells the story of Banks, a well-off dad with life who comes when he learns his daughter Annie is getting married in three years. month. Bathed in jealousy, George creates countless confusion for fear of losing his “little girl” forever.

Despite the first film’s box office success, “Father of the Bride 2” received a lot of criticism and a very low box office.

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