“Fear the Walking Dead” will get a new digital spin-off in a submarine; Know more!

According to ComicBook, AMC is developing a new digital spin-off of “Fear The Walking Dead”, which will have a direct link with the sixth season of the series.

Entitled “ Dead in the Water, ” the production will feature short episodes and revolve around the crew of a submarine struggling for survival, isolated from the surface at the onset of the apocalypse, which ends with leave the survivors trapped by zombies in an unavoidable situation. .

In the current season, Morgan (Lennie James) is in possession of the key to a stranded submarine that carries an enigmatic spray-painted message when it arrives in Galveston, TX.

It looks like the spin-off will show the origin of this submarine and what happened to its crew.

It should be remembered that “Fear The Walking Dead” has already released two digital spin-offs, “Flight 462” and “Passage”.

“Fear the Walking Dead” is already renewed for the 7th season.

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Derived from “The Walking Dead,” the series follows an unlikely group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world dominated by zombies. After facing various obstacles and enemies, the group decides to band together to help other survivors who may need help.

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