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In this article, following today’s date, as Brazil celebrates the National Day for the Prevention and Combating of Deafness, we have searched for references in our film buffs memories to reflect on a very important subject, but often forgotten by most of us, deafness. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), one in ten people could have hearing loss by 2050. In the magical world of cinema, there are some stories over the years that have made us think about the subject of different ways. With that in mind, we have separated a list of some beautiful films that have great force in their messages, having the central theme of this case as a springboard for our reflection.

The sound of silence

This image posted by Amazon Studios shows Riz Ahmed in a scene from “Sound of Metal”. (Amazon Studios via AP)

Sound is just a detail when we find new meaning in our life. One of the pleasant surprises of recent years when one thinks of streaming releases is this phenomenal work directed by feature film debutant Darius Marder. Sound of Metal is a heartbreaking drama about the silence that precedes quarrels. Telling the life of a drummer who discovers he is becoming deaf, his new world, discoveries, a new language, we witness the importance of disturbing noises of the soul. A charming and moving performance by actor Riz Ahmed, in addition to the great Olivia Cooke and Paul Raci.

we will be heard

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The cinema has this power to make, for example, the deaf community proud and represented with a work which breaks the most diverse borders that one can imagine. Second film by filmmaker Larissa Nepomuceno, Seremos Ouvidas shows a little break from the deaf feminist movement. Informative and interesting for all audiences, the director’s study was broad and very precise, she has watched a lot of films about deafness or the deaf and she does not lose the frame, with her hands and torso still visible to them. deaf when they watch, they can understand the full movie.

Looking through the feminist deaf movement and the violence that many women experience, another strong issue raised and one of the conclusions we came to while watching the news reports is that there is very little information about the Deaf community. It lacks accessibility, conferences and common sense. An important film, short, but which raises great debates.

What they don’t talk about when they talk about love

Screened at the 2013 RJ Festival, the Indonesian feature film O Que Não Falam Quem de Amor, which had never been screened on the Brazilian exhibition circuit, directed by filmmaker Mouly Surya addresses the dramas and obstacles faced by adolescents involved in complex relationships looking for new ways to communicate and learn to manage their disability. At the center of our special, one of the characters, blind from birth, tries to get the attention of a doctor through letters, he who is deaf.

The Secret Life of Words

Do you know when depth meets loneliness? In the film, we embark on the platform of emotions. Director and screenwriter Isabel Coixet manages to bring together small elements that make this work a must-have on the shelves of every cinephile. The main character, played by Sarah Polley, seems to live in a private world within reach of her hearing aid button. In the midst of the loneliness of these men, Hanna begins to feel at ease, each passing day gradually opens. The audience realizes right away that there is a lot of depth to this non-expression that they wear. Tim Robbins plays Josef, the opposite face, the soul mate of the handsome protagonist. Your character is loaded with sorrow, remorse that finds in Hanna a haven of peace, a person for whom she can evacuate all this affliction that she keeps in her heart.

The Aries family

What is a family if not the most admirable of governments? The work of French filmmaker Eric Lartigau is a comedy in the best style of the afternoon sessions, but with elements so sensitive that they increase the quality of the plot with each frame. Only a cinema like French, which exudes quality in many of its titles, can speak with such subtlety about the problems that arise inside a house. In the plot, we meet the friendly farmers who are part of the Bélier Family. The story revolves around the young Paula (played by the former French competitor of The Voice Louane Emera), a student who, entering a singing lesson at school, realizes that she has the gift of to sing. Paula lives with her family, where everyone is deaf and dumb except her, and devotes herself daily to family chores and the countless translations she has to do to help her family members have more peaceful lives. Everything changes when Paula decides to try her luck in a selection for a singing school in Paris. This decision will change the daily life of all family members.

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