‘Final Destruction’: Catastrophe movie starring Gerard Butler opens with PERFECT score on RT!

“Final Destruction: The Last Refuge” (“Greenland”) is the latest disaster film starring Gerard Butler and Morena Baccarin and came as a big surprise among international critics.

On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature opened with no less than 100% approval, scoring 6.80 / 10 based on 6 reviews (so far).

Check out the main comments below:

“It’s both down to earth and scary at the same time, leaving us emotionally heavy and cinematically satisfied” – The Times of India.

“If you are looking for a spark of hope and mass entertainment, [o filme] it brings exactly that ”- The New Paper.

Enjoy watching:

“We’re not talking about award-winning or groundbreaking movies, but ‘Final Destruction’ is the best cinematic distraction in the midst of COVID-19” – Newshub.

“Butler plays the role of ‘the man who needs to protect his wife and son from the end of the world’ like it’s the easiest thing in the world” – Stuff.co.nz.

“The heartbreaking truth that star and director Ric Roman Waugh brings to the table wants to turn this blockbuster into timeless guilty pleasure” – THR.

The production hit national theaters today, November 19.

The feature film was directed by Ric Roman Waugh (“Secret Service Invasion”).

A family struggles to survive as a comet heads for Earth. John Garrity, his wife Allison and their young son Nathan embark on a dangerous journey in search of a safe place to settle. On this journey, they will face the worst of humanity in a time of growing panic in a scenario where the law no longer exists.

The cast also includes Morena Baccarin, Andrew Bachelor, David Denman, Scott Glenn and Claire Bronson.

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