Find out all the titles that will be DELETED from Netflix in the first half of July

As new unreleased titles will arrive on Netflix throughout July, a number of other productions will be removed from the streaming platform during the same period.

And during the first half of that period, more than 90 titles will be pulled from the lineup, such as the classics ‘Escape at Midnight’, with Robert De Niro, and ‘Top Gun: Wild Aces’, with Tom Cruise.

It is important to note that the removal of films and series from the Netflix platform is due to the end of the contracts stipulated between the streaming giant and the studios responsible for the titles in question.

In some cases, the exploitation rights are usually predetermined when the contract is formalized, with the film / series already entering the program schedule with a defined withdrawal date. In other circumstances, seasonal aspects are also fundamental criteria for entry and withdrawal of titles (like Christmas movies, Halloween, which celebrate commemorative dates like Easter and Valentine’s Day, etc.).

And so you don’t miss the last chance to check out these and many more productions that will soon be saying goodbye to the streaming service, we’ve separated the full list. Check!

The witch
The road never traveled
The Bourne Identity – Reborn in Peril
the balcony
Bourne’s supremacy
The theory of everything
the return of the almighty
Love beyond life
Daddy’s girlfriends
Battleship: Battle of the Seas
SpongeBob SquarePants A Hero Out of Water
How to find the perfect man 2
How to find the perfect man
Dream big: build our world
between two loves
I wanted to have your life
Me, God and Bin Laden
Family members don’t choose
Fred Rogers – The Children’s Godfather
midnight escape
Gasparzinho the phantom comrade
World War Z
Hellboy – The Golden Army
Is it wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon? Orion spire
Jack the giant hunter
Julius Jr. (52 eps.)
K-9 – A good cop for a dog
Dark keeper
Kings: Los Angeles on fire
the Bamba
Legends of passion
Police madness
Miami vice
Michael – Angel and Seducer
Minority report: the new law
very well accompanied
the Jackal
The Winx Club: Season 5
The Auschwitz counter
Bridget Jones Diary
The man who changed the game
Bourne’s legacy
Tour 4 – The family goes to Miami
Little Singham 3
The perfect plan
Bourne’s ultimatum
the wind behind your back
One-Punch Man (12 eps.)
the 12 monkeys
The Raiders of the Lost Ark
Saturday night fever
Our shining days
intimate sins
Pororo – The Little Penguin (26 eps.)
High flight
RuPaul’s Drag Race: Season 9
If you go crazy don’t fall in love
American sniper
Suicide (Hitabdut)
The Code (3 eps.)
The Flintstones the Movie
Transformers – Age of Extinction
a good hotel for dogs
Travel delivery
Heavyweight cop 2
Heavyweight cop
Live a golden age
We Marines
Winter the Dolphin 2
Green zone
Zombies (28 eps.)

Dance Academy: the return

love hangover

Simply actors
revenge at nightfall


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Speech & Debate

cats on the catwalk
Magi: Adventure of Sinbad (13 eps.)
Mom Mia! Here we go again

The invitation

summer 92

Hyori’s Bed & Breakfast (16 eps.)

so young

Astro boy
the player
Lucha – Dodging the Impossible
Caza Season
Top Gun – Indomitable Aces

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