Find out which were the 10 most viewed ORIGINAL movies in Netflix history

That Netflix is ​​mysterious with its audience figures, we already know. Even so, the streaming giant led by Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos (now officially House Second) is revealing some of the audience’s favorite titles, by its own measures.

The company revealed to Bloomberg what its biggest blockbusters among the platform’s originals were, and it’s no surprise that “ Rescue, ” the latest action thriller starring Chris Hemsworth, recorded the largest audience among original Netflix movies in first four weeks after launch. The full list, which you can see below, also includes “Bird Box”, “Double Change” and “Squadron 6”.

It is important to note that the audience measurement method used by Netflix is ​​somewhat questionable and raises doubts among experts in the field. The company logs a view for any profile that watched 2 minutes of production, which does not provide us with an accurate index of the number of accounts that watched the entire movie. The same goes for serial productions

Still, it’s not hard to see why action movies and / or movies starring big names like Hemsworth, Sandra Bullock, and Ryan Reynolds are some of the biggest catching attention from subscribers on the platform, either because of the popular character of the genre or the widespread dissemination carried out. by Netflix itself.

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Check out the list of the 10 most popular movies in Netflix history below:

Rescue (2020): 99 million viewers in first four weeks

The story follows Tyler Rake (Hemsworth), a mercenary who is hired to save the son of a kidnapped gangster, and in this underground world of drugs and trafficking, a mission with deadly consequences becomes even more dangerous for Rake and the boy. . The success of the film, of course, has already earned the order for a sequel, which will also be written by Joe Russo. What we don’t know yet is whether the next adventure will be a sequel or a prelude.

Bird Box (2018): 89 million

The thriller starring Sandra Bullock takes place in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by creatures that drive people crazy and die if anyone watches them. To save herself and her two children, a woman must cross a river blindfolded and reach a safe place. The work is based on the book of the same name by Josh Malerman, and will earn a sequel – Malerman is releasing the second book, the one that just came out of the oven “Malorie”.

Double change (2020): 85 million

Mark Wahlberg plays a former policeman (Spenser) more known for causing problems than solving them. He’s just released from prison and ends up having to help his ex-trainer with a novice MMA fighter, Hawk (Winston Duke), and the two end up in need of solving the murder of two of Spenser’s colleagues.

Workforce 6 (2019): 83 million

Ryan Reynolds directed by Michael Bay. This action comedy follows a group of 6 misfits brought together by an enigmatic leader on a mission to change the future. The feature film released at the end of 2019 even had a special release in Brazil during the CCXP!

Mystery in the Mediterranean (2019): 83 million

Did you miss an Adam Sandler on the list? Your problems are over! Here he shares the screen with Jennifer Aniston. The two are a couple on vacation in Europe and end up tangling and accused of being involved in the murder of a millionaire.

The Old Guard (2020): 72 million

Charlize Theron has barely arrived and has already made Netflix history. “The Old Guard” accompanies four immortal warriors who are attacked when another mysterious immortal decides to enter the scene. Under the orders of Gina Prince-Bythewood, this is the first film by a black director to make the list.

The Irish (2019): 64 million

Martin Scorsese’s drama with Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci tells the story of gangster Frank Sheeran and his secrets with the Bufalino family.

Operation Frontier (2019): 63 million

This film has a long history of production, having undergone several casting and production changes before finally becoming reality. It stars Charlie Hunnam, Ben Affleck and Oscar Isaac, and takes place at the triple Brazil-Paraguay-Argentina border, accompanying a group of servicemen whose loyalty is put to the test when they come together to steal the fortune of a mainstay of drugs.

The Missy Wrong (2020): 59 million

The comedy follows Tim (David Spade), who imagines inviting the dream girl on vacation with him to Hawaii, and finds out too late that he sent the message to… the wrong Missy.

The well (2020): 56 million

The Spanish thriller that erupted in early 2020 takes place in a vertical prison inhabited by two inmates per floor. They are given food once a day, which is delivered to a platform from the first floor to the top. In this system, no one knows how much food they will have, but one man is tired of suffering and has decided to try to change things.


Two facts stand out from the list. The first is that all movies have been released in the past two years, which directly reflects the exponential increase in Netflix subscribers – Bloomberg points out that there have been 43.6 million new subscribers since the start of 2019. This means that each new launch has a larger potential base than the previous launch – hence the efficiency and grandeur of the numbers.

The second factor is that out of the 10 films on the list, only one of them is part of the platform’s high-investment dramas, that is, films in which Netflix bets in search of its place. in the sun during awards season – that’s the epic drama “The Irishman” by Martin Scorsese. This shows some difficulty for the platform to “sell” certain genres to its subscribers – action comedies and thrillers seem to be the favorites, while dramas, terror and even animation are marveling. But that doesn’t stop business owners from dreaming big:

“We want an impact film every two weeks,” says cinema division director Scott Stubber. “For some people, this movie is Rescue. For others, it’s Missy Wrong.

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