‘Finding Dory’, Pixar’s beloved animation, turns five; Learn anecdotes about the production!

It took nearly a decade and a half for Pixar to decide to revisit the iconic maritime pantheon of “Finding Nemo”. Thirteen years later, the childhood of those who followed the adventures of Marlin, Nemo and Dory at the bottom of the ocean would be resuscitated with “Finding Dory”, a sequel that would explore the past of the adorable fish with the recent memory loss syndrome.

Directed by Andrew Stanton, the feature film received international critical acclaim, which praised the script’s emotional depth, advancements in visual effects, and constant humor. It’s no surprise that he surpassed the billion dollar mark worldwide and climbed to No. 3 at the 2016 box office, breaking records and winning numerous Annie Award nominations, Oscar nominations. animation.

To celebrate the film’s fifth anniversary, CinePOP has put together a list of behind-the-scenes anecdotes from the production.

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The film becomes the second Pixar title to cross the billion dollar mark, preceded only by “Toy Story 3”. As already mentioned, receipts have broken many records, including the largest opening for an animated film in North America and also the most financially successful on the continent.


Hank, voiced by Ed O’Neill, only has seven tentacles as the hosts realized they couldn’t fit eight into his body. Therefore, the character’s story has been rewritten to take into account the “lost limb”. The same happened in the sci-fi classic “The Raging Sea Monster”, in which special effects master Ray Harryhausen only managed to create a giant six-armed stop-motion octopus.


Hayden Rolence replaced Alexander Gould as the voice of Nemo, as Gould has grown up and undergone some vocal changes since the original 2003 film. Meanwhile, Gould makes an appearance as Carl, one of the van’s passengers. who takes sick animals to Cleveland.


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As we know, Pixar movies are always filled with references to past (and even later) productions. In ‘Finding Dory’, Pizza Planet’s delivery car (from ‘Toy Story’) appears at the bottom of the sea, specifically in the sequence in which Dory, Marlin and Nemo cross paths with the giant squid – in addition to showing some more time in the scene where Dory and Hank are in the truck to Cleveland.


Originally, the entertainment took place in a water park. However, the idea was completely rethought when the Pixar team watched the documentary “Blackfish: Animal Rage”, which exposed the mistreatment of orcas in SeaWorld Orlando. In the end, the plot revolves around an institute of marine biology.


The intercom voice at the Marine Institute, as it is often said, is attributed to Sigourney Weaver. This was the actress’ second role in the Pixar universe, as she also voiced Axiom’s computer-animated spaceship “WALL-E” (also directed by Stanton). In Brazil, journalist Marília Gabriela provided the voice for the intercom.


One of the film’s writers wanted the final scene of the sequence to bring back the barracuda from the first chapter of the saga, eagerly watching the chorus before the end. However, the footage was cut because it didn’t make sense to put it there and it might scare children after what happened in “Finding Nemo”.


While guiding Dory through the Institute’s plumbing, Bailey (Ty Burrell) uses his sonar to detect something that looks like a big fish heading straight for her. The sequel is reminiscent of “Alien – The 8th Passenger”, in which Dallas (Tom Skerritt) is guided through Nostromo’s air ducts by Ripley (Weaver).

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