First impressions | Boba Fett’s Book – The Series Answers the Most Anticipated Question in the Star Wars Universe

If you’ve made it this year this year, it’s because you’re one of those “Star Wars” fans who panicked when Disney announced – at this virtual reunion last year – more than ten productions of the year. universe created by George Lucas. . Since then we have had the second season of ‘The Mandalorian’, the animated series’ Visions’ and the animated series’ The Bad Batch ‘, but of all the announcements made, by far one of the most anticipated was’ The Boba. Fett’s book, which finally arrived today with its first episode on the DisneyPlus platform.

Boba Fett (Temuera Morrison) has nightmares. Confused dreams that mix reality and fiction, involving the moment he was swallowed by Sarlacc and a whole experience of slavery by a group of Jawa. In reality, Boba Fett is on Tatooine, having previously dethroned Jabba The Hut and enjoying the perks of being the new local boss, garnering his tributes. However, the current governor does not seem too inclined to cede authority to Boba Fett, and even the aide of Fennec Shand (Ming-Na Wen) will not be able to keep the city obedient to his control.

The thirty-eight minute first episode of “The Book of Boba Fett” answers one of the main questions of the entire saga, which has echoed for decades in fan speculation since “Return of the Jedi”: that happened with Boba Fett after he was swallowed by Sarlacc? The mere fact of having brought this response to the fans, thirty-eight years later, already pays off all the investment in the production of this series. Reinforcement: There are thirty-eight minutes of the first episode to answer a question that has been waiting for an answer for thirty-eight years. Coincidence? I do not think so.

Following the same aesthetic approach to the art direction and obligatory costumes of the Star Wars universe, Jon Favreau’s latest creation has great direction from Robert Rodriguez, retaining the same mysterious tone that the protagonist’s own reputation brings and bringing a vibe. more western bang-bang, characteristic of the protagonist, with the pursuit of parkour style. Respectfully, the first episode strikes a good balance between fanatic satisfaction and lull in the sense of intrigue.

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Now is the time to wait for the next six episodes to see how the series unfolds. Until then, it’s worth recommending the special “Behind the Helmet: The Legacy of Boba Fett”, a unique program that shows behind the scenes of the creation of one of the most iconic characters of “Star Wars”, even justifying the fact that the series premieres around this time of year – around the same time the franchise’s Christmas special came out, which is when Boba Fett first came out with fans. In this way, all that can be expected is that a lot of emotions for the fans of the saga.

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