First impressions | Hawk and the Winter Soldier is the explosive experience fans crave

Cheerleaders and a salivating race against the clock mark the inaugural mission of Falcão and the Winter Soldier, the MCU’s second original series. In the midst of a mind-boggling heroic journey, the Disney + production is exactly what comic book fans so miss in theaters: an explosive synaesthetic experience that sharpens our senses and makes us delusional amidst well-planned subsequent action scenes. and precisely choreographed.

The series created by Malcolm Spellman and directed by Kari Skogland shows who arrived in the first eight minutes. Not sparing financial resources, so little technical quality, the opening episode is performative and fills the void left by Avengers: Ultimatum on the big screen. With a thrilling sound mix, which invades our ears and blows up the speakers as we always like to perceive in theaters, the series takes us on an immersive trajectory, in an action sequence that hardly lets us breathe. Chaotic, energetic and hectic, the scene in question already presents itself as the answer to the cravings of those more traditional fans of Marvel films, who struggled to adapt to the first and mysterious episodes of WandaVision.

But Falcão and the Winter Soldier also breaks through the barriers of the base Marvel combo, exploring a little more in depth the complexity of its two protagonists, experienced here by Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. by doing this with a touch of lightness, a lot of depth and more humor, the series brings us back to the psyche of the Winter Soldier, as it takes us by the hand to discover the origins of Falcão. Their distinct origins soon to be showcased in the first chapter already herald the foreshadowing of an upside down bromance, which should give rise to those delicious comedic conflicts we’ve already noticed in their teasers, commercials, and trailers – in the midst of powerful psychological and emotional reflections.

With episodes lasting just over half an hour (only 10 minutes credits!), Falcão and the Winter Soldier have nothing to lose for Marvel’s “high-ranking” film productions. Proving once again that the goal of Disney and therefore Marvel Studios is to invest in their streaming projects, the series is beautifully executed in all its technicality. Rich in its visual effects and complete in staging and photography, the production is eye-catching and brings a colorful look, as it knows how to explore natural light and contrasts, offering an attractive product throughout its design.

It may still be early to tell, but the new MCU series promises to deliver moments of intense conflict, hand-to-hand combat scenes executed like an aggressive ballet, and little comedic sacks that should serve as relief and relief. breath in the plot. Showcasing several tech gadgets that make us sigh for the days when we still had Iron Man in theaters, Falcão and the Winter Soldier is that little room that was missing in the hearts of comic book fans and will now be properly filled with plenty of shots, shots and bomb. And this time, well beyond the PG-13 censorship.

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