‘Flora e Ulisses’: the acclaimed children’s book will become a movie at Disney +!

Walt Disney Studios recently announced a new original production – the film adaptation of the famous illustrated children’s book “Flora and Ulisses”.

Based on the eponymous novel by Kate Dicamillo published in 2014, the story centers on a young girl who allies herself with a squirrel with special powers, embarking on incredible adventures.

Lena Khan is directing the production, based on a script signed by Brad Copeland.

Matilda Lawler, Alyson Hannigan, Ben Schwartz, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth and Danny Pudi are the stars.

The premiere of ‘Flora e Ulisses’ is scheduled for February 19, 2021 at Disney +.

Enjoy watching:

Check out the official synopsis of the book:

This story begins, like the best superhero stories, with a tragic accident with unintended consequences. The squirrel didn’t see the vacuum coming, but Flora Belle Buckman, who describes herself as cynical and has read all of the comic book recommendations Terrible Things Can Happen To You !, is the right person to step in and you to save . What no one predicted was that Odysseus (the squirrel) would be reborn with special powers: in addition to exceptional strength, he acquired the ability to fly and write poetry, although ‘with spelling mistakes. Flora also changed when she discovered the possibility of hope and the promise of a heart capable of carrying much joy and sorrow.

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