“Forgot Me”: Fan creates replicas of the characters to celebrate Christmas; Check out!

Now that Halloween is over, people are starting to focus on Christmas decorations and the holidays.

Thinking about it, a “Forgot Me” fan decided to decorate his home with replicas of certain elements from the film, including models from Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) and wet bandits.

The decoration also includes a newspaper clipping with an article about thieves, a Santa Claus garland and a fireplace ornament with the phrase: “Merry Christmas, dirty animal”.


“I know it’s a bit early for the Christmas decorations, but you only live once. Today marks the 30th anniversary of the release of “Forgot Me” in theaters and we’ve been working on these decorations bit by bit over the past few months.

Enjoy watching:

Speaking of which, fans were surprised when Disney + announced a remake of the classic directed by Chris Columbus in 1990.

In addition to public criticism, it seems that the filmmaker was also not very excited about the novelty.

During an interview with Insider, Columbus said that “the new film is a waste of time, especially given the continued popularity of the original.”

When asked if he had been called in as a remake consultant, he replied:

“No, nobody talked to me about anything. But what would be the goal? I think [o remake] It doesn’t add anything … I think remakes only work with films that have fallen by the wayside, which is not the case here. I am in favor of original ideas. Do whatever you want, without fear of failure, as long as it’s something original.

Columbus further criticized Disney’s strategy to create live-action remakes of its animations.

“I do not understand this mania to remake films which continue to succeed. I don’t think they would do another animation of an animation… would they? Oh, I forgot… They did a live remake of the animations. “

So, do you agree with him?

Previously, Comic Book reported that Kenan Thompson (“The Smurfs”), Ally Maki (“Toy Story 4”) and Chris Parnell (“Angels of the Law”) were confirmed to the cast.

It has just been said that Maki will bring a character named Mei to life, while Kenan Thompson will be Gavin.

Among the new recruits, Parnell is expected to play a bigger role, as he will bring “the protagonist’s beloved uncle” to life.

No further details have been revealed and production remains at a standstill with no expected return due to closures caused by the coronavirus crisis.

Recalling that rumors have already made it known that Macauly Culkin would be in negotiations to reprise his role as Kevin McCallister in the project.

Apparently, the star is only supposed to record supporting scenes, helping the new protagonist (Archie Yates) get rid of a few thieves when he accidentally steals something that is theirs.

Although originally believed to be Yates’ parents, sources claim that Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney will bring the gangster couple to life.

Archie Yates, Ellie Kemper and Rob Delaney

Dan Mazer will be in charge of management. He is known for his work on “Taking Time Out” and “Borat”.

Mikey Day and Streeter Seidell signed the screenplay, which centers on a couple who went to war with a young boy who stole something from them – a change from the original premise.

Hutch Parker and Dan Wilson are in charge of production. Melissa McCarthy and Will Ferrell are in negotiations to play the protagonists.

The reboot’s announcement came with a backlash from more nostalgic fans, who criticized Disney’s decision to DIY a classic.


restart they forgot about me WHAT if everyone knows that none> will ever be

– winny sneezly ✪ (@deandilaurentiz) August 7, 2019

How will this remake of M’oublié work? The family forgets Kevin, he sends a message to his mother, does she send an uber to pick him up and are they all going to spend the holidays in Paris together?

– julha⚡️ (@juliamonteirofr) August 7, 2019

Disney wants to forget me again, someone for them https://t.co/luNyS3wpgc

– Leo (@leokjls) August 7, 2019

I only accept a new movie called “They Forgot Me” if it stars Macaulay Culkin and is a very depressing drama in which he’s alone in a comic book, no one cares about him, totally forgot to everyone … otherwise, no need to do … https://t.co/oTQJ6uyqBk pic.twitter.com/2BRoEiSFV5

– forlani (@forlani) August 7, 2019

I don’t see any sense in doing a remake of Forgot Me. The story takes on its full meaning with this era. Any rationale writers create for the script to work in the 21st century will not have the same impact. https://t.co/E64Bw6AifU

– Fernanda H. da Rosa (@fehdarosa) August 7, 2019

The only justification for a remake of Mim’s Esqueceram would be if the proposal were to show the trauma of bandits who were tortured by a child very attached to material goods.

– illumiNAT (@ Nlia13) August 7, 2019

Macaulay Culkin was the first kid in the entertainment world to earn a millionaire’s salary for a single production, roughly $ 8 million.

Remember the trailer for the original feature film:

Make sure to watch:


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