Friday the 13th – Part 8 Peter Mark Richman dies at 93

According to Bloody Disgusting, Peter Mark Richman, known for his role in the horror “ Friday the 13th – Part 8: Jason Attacks in New York ”, has died at the age of 93.

The actor died in Woodland Hills, California.

In 2005, Richman appeared on the documentary “Crystal Lake Memories,” reflecting on his participation in the franchise: “We shot in Vancouver for seven weeks and it rained for six of them. We have worked hard! It was one of the most difficult shoots I have ever been on. The coolest moment was when my wife came to visit me backstage. The sun came out and stayed every day that she was there.

With a full schedule of over 150 credits, the actor also appeared in the films’ Run the police come there! 2 1/2 ‘,’ Le Jour de Satan ‘,’ Sublime Temptation ‘,’ The Spiteful ‘and’ The Black Orchid ‘.

In addition, he also appeared in several successful series, such as “ One Hundred Men Marked ”, “ Fifth Dimension ”, “ The Fugitive ”, “ The UNCLE Agent ”, “ Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea ”, “ The Invaders ” and “ The King of Thieves ”.

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Richman died of natural causes. He lived with his wife, Helen Richman; with whom he had five children, who bore him six grandchildren.

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