‘Friends Forever’: a series with Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke now available on Netflix

‘Friends Forever’, a drama series starring Katherine Heigl and Sarah Chalke, is out now on Netflix.

The first season was released today (03) on the streaming platform.

Check out the trailer:

The production is based on Kristin Hannah’s eponymous novel and will feature ten episodes.

“Friends Forever” revolves around Kate and Tully. Tully Hart was 14, handsome, cheerful, popular and envied by everyone. What no one could imagine was the pain she was experiencing at home: she had never met her father, and her drug addict mother used to disappear for long periods of time, leaving the daughter to care of his grandmother. But Tully’s life was transformed when she moved to the Firefly Mall and met the coolest girl in the world.

Kate Mularkey was smart, understanding and so loving that she quickly made Tully feel a part of her family. In more than thirty years of friendship, one has become the other’s haven of peace. Tully helped Kate discover her own beauty and encouraged her to face her fears. Kate, for her part, taught him to look beyond appearances and made him realize that some risks are not worth it. The two swore they would be friends forever. This promise has withstood the frenzy of the 1970s, the political upheavals of the 1980s and 1990s, and the promises of the new millennium. Until something happens to shake the trust between them.

Maggie Friedman enters as screenwriter, showrunner and executive producer alongside Stephanie Germain and Hannah.

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