“Future State: Wonder Woman” | The entry of Brazilian folklore into international pop culture

Today (5), in the United States, was launched the first HQ of “Future State: Wonder Woman”, which features the Brazilian Yara Flor in the role of Wonder Woman. And look … What a start! In the first of its two introductory editions to the DC Universe, the Amazon of the Amazon mentioned Tupã with Zeus, beaten in a Boitatá and advised by Caipora, the Keeper of the Forests. All this only in the first edition.

Academics have long spoken of the richness of national folklore and how it has been reduced to children’s tales and softened versions of stories and legends that involve violence, sex, brutality, betrayals, the frames and very, very impressive creatures. While our culture has been relegated to the ‘kid’s trick’ – in large part because of the countless adaptations of Monteiro Lobato’s children’s classic: Sítio do Pica-Pau Amarelo – Nordic folklore, for example, has always been sold. like something incredible and “grown-up”. In recent years, some national works have attempted to sell Brazilian folklore in the form of horror series and films, but, while incredible, they haven’t garnered as much attention.

Now with the arrival of a Brazilian Wonder Woman. See, she’s not a secondary heroine, she’s THE WONDERFUL WOMAN, going to interact with the Justice League and everything, maybe it’s time for the national folklore to finally grab some attention. DC sees so much potential in the character that she has already commissioned a series of the heroine on the CW. And with the statement from DC Films supervisor Walter Hamada that the studio is looking to expand its multiverse to the big screen, why not dream of Yara Flor winning theaters in the near future? It would be beautiful to see the national folklore being explored on television and in cinemas, valuing the national culture and exposing its real potential in Brazil and the world.

At HQ, Yara collects the horns of the Hydras in the middle of the Amazon rainforest to try to exchange them with Hades, the god of the Underworld, for the soul of one of her sisters. Along with Jerry, her Pegasus, she easily defeats the Hydra, but is soon interrupted by Caipora who does not want to allow the Amazon to make the switch. The rest is spoiler. But believe me: it’s very exciting to see what the future holds for Yara Flor and the folk references she wears. Knowing that she had to do well in these first two editions, comic book writer Joëlle Jones did well to treat Brazilian folklore with great respect and to take advantage of the untapped potential it presents to boost the origin and the badass attitude of the Brazilian heroine.

About the future state

Written by Joëlle Jones, a comic book designer who had previously worked with Catwoman and Ms. Marvel, the Future State: Wonder Woman miniseries will have two editions that will introduce the heroine Yara Flor to the DC Universe. In this new editor phase, the stories will take place in 2025 and show the arrival of new heroes, without necessarily having to kill or remove the old ones. In other words, Diana Prince didn’t have to die to appear Yara Flor. And the trend is that these new characters are falling in the fans’ taste and very often a part of regular editions, maybe even winning solo magazines.

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