Gary Klar of classic ‘Day of the Dead’ dies at 73

According to the George A. Romero Foundation, Gary Klar, known for his role in “ Day of the Dead, ” has passed away at 73.

The actor played the memorable antagonist Steel in the classic directed by George A. Romero, released in 1985.

The George A. Romero Foundation page said on Facebook: “It is with great regret that we announce the death of Gary Klahr. The actor does not need to be introduced to Romero fans, given the life of Private Steele in “Day of the Dead.” He brought a unique performance to the role, becoming one of the film’s most iconic characters. We will keep it in our hearts and thoughts. “

Gary Howard Klar, was born in 1947, in Connecticut. He was an athlete and came to participate in the Olympic Games, in addition to having a professional football career.

Among the other highlights of the actor’s filmography, we can cite: “I want to be big”, “Changing the balls”, “The killer angel”, “Hackers: Computer Pirates”, among others.

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