‘Gavião Arqueiro’: recordings migrate to New York this week!

On his official Twitter, editor-in-chief Chris Welch of Verge magazine shared a new behind-the-scenes photo from “ Gavião Arqueiro, ” the original Disney + series, announcing that the recordings would migrate to Brooklyn, New York, this week.

Photo shows a schedule showing the start of filming for ‘Anchor Point’ (the show’s production title) for Wednesday, December 2.


The Disney + Hawkeye show will be filming in downtown Brooklyn next week. pic.twitter.com/J2bWdr9TQ4

– Chris Welch (@chriswelch) November 26, 2020

Earlier last week, Jeremy Renner posted an image to Instagram showing that Clint Barton will experience physical trauma throughout the episodes.

Enjoy watching:

In the photo, the star appears with a cut and apparently broken nose, as well as bruises on the forehead, cheeks and eyebrows.


Previously, Renner shared a video on Twitter showing a modeling process on her face and puzzling her followers.

As the star ventures into the show’s recordings, fans believe the mold may have been made for a mask.

In the comics, the character wears a very striking mask, which ended up being left out of the movie version.

Additionally, concept art released during the show’s pre-production showed the character alongside Kate Bishop and both wore colorful uniforms, indicating greater loyalty to the comics.

Watch the video, along with concept art:

“Have you ever had those weird days at work where you’re stuck with duct tape and garbage bags, besides being choked for 45 minutes to smear your face and scalp?” #Love my life. “

Have you ever had those weird work days where you get stuck in garbage bags and suffocated for 45 minutes just to have your face and skull put in a cast ??? #lovemylife pic.twitter.com/TgIChIQjwG

– Jeremy Renner (@JeremyRenner) November 20, 2020

According to Discussing Film, Eric Steelberg was hired as cinematographer for the project. His credits include “A Quiet Place”, “My Name is Dolemite” and “Juno”.

According to The Direct, the character of Madame Mask is to appear as a supporting character in the production, taking on the role of the plot villain.

It is not yet clear what the size and scope of the character would be in the narrative or whether she will be the main antagonist, but according to the post, Marvel Studios is already on the hunt for an actress to face the role.

Disney has yet to confirm the information, so treat everything as rumors.

In the comics, Madame Mask once became an occasional love interest in Iron Man, in addition to being her nemesis. The villain is the daughter of Count Nefaria, whose first comic book appearance was in “The Avengers,” issue 13 (February 1965).

In addition, Amber Finlayson and Katie Ellwood, a female duo known for the acclaimed productions “Bert and Bertie” and “Troop Zero”, were also hired to lead the show.

The production will run under the production title “ Anchor Point, ” which mentions the titular character’s first volume of stories, signed by Kelly Thompson in 2017.

During the Marvel panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, Jeremy Renner shared a spectacular first teaser for the show, which is set to debut in fall 2021.


What a fun line @marvel so happy to be on this ride #cominginhot # 2021 pic.twitter.com/pDC8tcrL0H

– Jeremy Renner (@ Renner4Real) July 21, 2019

The show is based on the original comics in which Clint Barton passes superhero responsibility to the next Archer, Kate Bishop. The series, in fact, will focus on training Kate until her full transformation into a heroine, allowing Barton to officially retire.

The adaptation of the comics from “Gavião Arqueiro” will be part of a mini-series, following in the footsteps of other original Disney + productions. Renner last appeared as the titular character in the epic conclusion ‘Avengers: Endgame’.

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