“Ghostbusters: Beyond”: Dolby Unveils INCREDIBLE New Movie Poster; To verify!

The highly anticipated “Ghostbusters: Beyond” has received an incredible new poster, courtesy of Dolby Cinema.

To verify:

The next chapter begins. Catch @Ghostbusters: Afterlife at a #Dolby cinema on November 19. https://t.co/4vqbzuhO7v pic.twitter.com/kcqlBnTrKb

– Sony Pictures (@SonyPictures) November 13, 2021

The feature will hit national theaters on November 18.

Revision | Ghostbusters: Beyond is the PERFECT sequel the franchise deserves!

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On Rotten Tomatoes, the feature has won 72% approval, with a rating of 7.00 / 10 based on 47 reviews to date. Although they pointed out the uselessness of the production, pundits said the work was great fun and praised the cast.

Check out the main reactions below:

“A Useless But Fun Movie” – Variety.

“[O filme] pays homage to the classics because it is built as unique “- Nerd Reactor.

“A beautiful homage to the first movie that should appeal to both old school fans and new fans alike” – JoBlo’s Movie Network.

“Fans finally got a shameless sequel to love” – New York Post.

“A fun and adorable adventure. […] McKenna Grace looks spectacular ”- The Movie Couple.

In addition to directing, Jason Reitman also co-wrote the screenplay with Gil Kenan (“Poltergeist”).

In the plot, a single mother and her two children arrive in a small town and begin to discover their connection to the original Ghostbusters, as well as the secret legacy left by their grandfather.

Finn Wolfhard (‘It: The Thing’), Mckenna Grace (‘The Curse of Hill Residence’), Carrie Coon (‘The Sinner’) and Paul Rudd (‘Avengers: Ultimatum’) stars. The cast also includes the return of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Annie Potts and Sigourney Weaver.

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