‘Glow’: the actress opens up about the future of the series after its cancellation

In an interview with EW, Alison Brie opened up about the future of “ Glow, ” after the series was abruptly canceled by Netflix, commenting on the possibility of a movie to give a worthy conclusion to the plot of the production.

“I believe a movie could complete the plot. I’m a little pessimistic about the chances of this actually happening, given everything we’ve been through this year and the difficulties returning to production due to COVID. And I was also part of the cast of “Community”, which has been trying to develop a movie for six years, so I don’t hold my breath. If so, it will take time. “

He keeps on, “[O cancelamento] it was a real shame. I will miss these amazing women, as well as Marc Maron and Chris Lowell. But we were lucky because we had three perfect seasons. I really like this series and it will live on Netflix forever. People can still help them. “

The series had been renewed for season 4 (and the final one), but Netflix overturned the decision due to the coronavirus pandemic and canceled production.

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Based on the beloved ’80s series, “GLOW” tells the fictional story of Ruth Wilder (Alison Brie). Ruth was an unemployed and struggling Los Angeles actress in the 1980s, who finds her last chance to become a star by plunging headlong into the glitz and collar world of women’s wrestling.

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