“Godzilla vs Kong” will arrive in Brazil almost TWO MONTHS after its US debut; Check the date!

The first trailer for “ Godzilla vs Kong ” will be released on Sunday, but a YouTube channel has posted two TV commercials that offer a glimpse into the fight between the titans.

In the first video, we see the return of Millie Bobby Brown’s character for the first time. In the second, a big action scene.

Consult the promotional material:

Enjoy watching:

Remembering that Warner Bros. Brazil has also released a beautiful national poster, which puts the two gigantic creatures in a looming fight.

“One of the two will fall”.

The film will hit theaters on May 20, 2021, almost two months after its official release in the United States.

Remembering that the first full trailer will be released this Sunday, January 24.

“Godzilla vs Kong” will have a low age indication, being recommended for those over 14 (PG-13). The trait was categorized as “intense sequences of violence / destruction between creatures and light language”.

Directed by Adam Wingard (“You’re Next”), the feature continues the events of “Godzilla II: King of the Monsters” and “Kong: Skull Island”.

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“Humanity fights for its future, as Godzilla and Kong embark on a path of destruction that will bring the two most powerful forces of nature in the world to collide in a great war.”

The cast includes Millie Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison, Rebecca Hall, Eiza Gonzalez, Brian Tyree Henry, Alexander Skarsgård, Jessica Henwick and Demian Bichir.

Make sure to watch:


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