Goodbye, Netflix! ‘Gossip Girl’ will be DELETED from the catalog on December 31

With the arrival of new streaming services in Brazil, Netflix is ​​seeing its vast content slowly fading away. On December 31st, streaming will lose yet another hit series: “Gossip Girl”.

Netflix was unable to renew the contract to continue broadcasting the series in Brazil.

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Keep in mind that ‘Pretty Little Liars’ will also be removed from the streaming catalog soon.

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The departure of the series is linked to the imminent arrival of HBO Max in Brazil, which is expected to take place in 2021.

‘Pretty Little Liars’: the series will be removed from Netflix in December

The original series, which ended in 2012, has gone on to become a pop culture phenomenon, in addition to showcasing various names in the current industry – such as Blake Lively, Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Chace Crawford and Penn Badgley. .

It should be remembered that the series will experience a revival in 2021, which has seen its first images released and will bring a new cast.

On the stairs of the Met, classic location of the series, we can see the stars Jordan Alexander, Emily Alyn Lind, Whitney Peak, Thomas Doherty and Zion Moreno.


The sequel to “Gossip Girl” will feature 10 episodes, which will feature a new wave of beautiful teenage girls from Manhattan private schools, from the same perspective as the production used during its successful years. Only this time, the series will address just how much social media – and the New York City look itself – has changed in recent years, since the original story ended.

Karena Evans, an acclaimed director known for her work on the “Snowfall” and “P-Valley” series, is responsible for the first two episodes of the production.

According to the Gossiper Instagram page, Leighton Meester is in talks to reprise his iconic role as Blair Waldorf in the rebirth.

The deal with Warner Media and HBO would bring Meester back as a character for a short time – and the deal would extend to other members of the original cast as well, including Blake Lively and Penn Badgley.

Kristen Bell (“The Good Place”) will once again tell the blogger’s iconic voice in the new version of “Gossip Girl”. The first season of the new release will feature 10 episodes and debut on HBO Max.

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