‘Great White’: Katrina Bowden takes on a killer shark in new horror poster

Australian horror “Great White” has won an incredible new poster, putting Katrina Bowden face to face with a killer shark.


The Terror will be released in theaters and VOD in the United States on July 16.

Subsequently, the feature film will be released on the Shudder in 2022. In Brazil, it continues without prediction.

The film will be directed by Martin Wilson, from a screenplay written by Michael Boughen.

The plot follows two seaplane operators, Kaz Fellows (Bowden) and Charlie Brody (Jakubenko), along with their passengers, Joji Minase (Kano), his wife Michelle (Tsukakoshi) and the cook Benny (Tuhaka), who fly to the picturesque Recife. It doesn’t take long for their idyllic journey to turn into hell when they find themselves isolated miles from the coast and in grave danger from what lurks just below the surface. Your only chance for survival is the beach, but with two great white sharks chasing them, the odds are not in your favor. What follows is a battle for survival of epic proportions against nature’s deadliest predators.

The cast includes Katrina Bowden, Aaron Jakubenko, Tim Kano, Kimie Tsukakoshi and Te Kohe Tuhaka.

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