‘Green Lantern’: Details Revealed About HBO Max Series Leaders

According to The Illuminerdi, HBO Max will feature a new Green Lantern called Bree Jarta in the upcoming TV series.

The daughter of an alien mother and human father, Jarta is described as a black woman in her thirties and has a tough temper, as she is the Lantern who takes her commitment to the troop most seriously.

Additionally, she was raised on a more enlightened planet and in an advanced society, which helped her surpass her colleagues in terms of creativity when using the powers of the Ring.

His partner will be the Green Lantern Guy Gardner, described as the personification of the 1980s hyper-patriotism that gave birth to e Rambo… but more than that, he is a nice man and considered a loving father and husband. .

Another character whose profile was leaked was Alan Scott, who has an appearance in the 1940s sense.

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At the same time, he is seen as a symbol of honor and an example to follow. he hides the fact that he is gay because of the strong prejudice of the time,

In addition to these three, it should be remembered that the sperie will also feature Simon Baz, Jessica Cruz, Kilowog and Sinestro, who are expected to publish their profiles soon.

Filming is also said to start in April 2021, in Los Angeles, California, USA.

Previously, The Direct revealed that the rating will be restricted to those over 17 (TV-MA) due to “profanity and violence”.

The announcement is not very surprising, as other DC pantheon series, such as “Patrulha do Destino” and “Titãs”, have the same ranking.

Recently, it was revealed that the job will take place on multiple timelines and take place in the 40s, 80s and today. It is not yet clear whether the three moments will converge at some point or remain separate.

It has also been confirmed that characters Alan Scott, Guy Gardner, Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kilowog and Sinestro will be part of the production, which will be overseen by producer and screenwriter Geoff Johns.

Johns is no stranger to the pantheon of superheroes, having previously developed stories of the character in question for DC Comics. Additionally, he was named president of DC Entertainment in 2016, with a mission to manage films based on the publisher’s intellectual properties.

The project will also be named after producer Greg Berlanti.

In 2019, Berlanti has emphatically assured that the production, alongside the also confirmed “ Strange Adventures ”, will captivate fans:

“These two original DC properties that we’re going to develop for HBO Max will be unlike anything you’ve seen on TV. One is an anthology series of censored stories, set in a world where superpowers exist. The other, on the other hand, promises to be our greatest DC series ever in history and it’ll take us to space with the Green Lantern, but I can’t reveal anything more just yet.

The “Strange Adventures” series, in turn, will bring together several characters from the DC canon and explore “moral stories about how the lives of mortals and superhumans intersect.” The production follows Adam Strange, a man of two worlds, an archaeologist who ended up becoming an intergalactic hero when he was sent to the planet Rann.

This project also has Sarah Schechter, partner of Berlanti, as executive producer. John Stephens (“Gotham”) assumes the role of showrunner and screenwriter.

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