Gretchen’s film to be directed by Antonia Fontenelle is CANCELED by ANCINE

Apparently, the film biography of Gretchen, a successful singer and dancer of the 1980s, will have to be molded into a new structure. The National Film Agency, also known as ANCINE, has canceled production on the Roll Queen feature, which would be directed by actress and director Antonia Fontenelle, with funding from the Incentive Laws.

The production was announced in 2018 and according to information on the government agency’s website, from which 4.75 million reais have been requested, which have not yet been raised.

Entitled “Gretchen – A Vida é um Rebolado”, the story would tell the trajectory of the artist from childhood, going through success in addition to evoking his time in the pornography industry.

According to information from the Em Off site, part of the cast was already cast, including the actress who would give life to Gretchen, who would be played by Mel Lisboa. Additionally, the publication also said that actor Henri Castelli will be in the feature film, where he will play delegate Silva Neto, the ex-husband and father of Thammy Miranda. Nívea Maria and Tonico Pereira were other names mentioned.

This all happened after the controversy involving Fontenelle and actress Klara Castanho, who published an open letter in which she revealed that she had been the victim of a rape. Because of the violence, she says she got pregnant and decided to give the child up for adoption. His statement came after the story was exposed in the media, even without his consent, and caused a lot of repercussions on social media.

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The story began with a social media post from journalist Matheus Baldi on May 24, in which he said Klara had given birth to a child. The actress asked and he ended up deleting the post, but the story eventually spread.

Thus, last Thursday (23), the host Antonia Fontenelle spoke about the case, without naming names, during a live. Aggressively, she said a 21-year-old actress got pregnant and gave the baby up for adoption. She gave several tips, citing that the artist in question had previously worked at TV Globo and is currently cast in a Netflix series. The case quickly echoed on social networks and Internet users began to speculate on the name of the actress.

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