“ Grey’s Anatomy ”: Patrick Dempsey will appear three more times in season 17

Fans of Grey’s Anatomy were taken aback by Patrick Dempsey’s unexpected return as Derek Shepherd, in the two-hour special of the show’s 17th season.

And according to production showrunner Krista Vernoff, it won’t be Derek’s only participation in the new cycle. During an interview with the EW website, she revealed that her comeback was not just a mere appearance. As you pointed out, he will appear three more times in the story.

It is not yet clear what Derek’s other appearances will be like on “Grey’s Anatomy” and details should be kept secret until his new scenes are posted.

The actor left the series in 2015 and returned in the new season in a dream of Meredith.

Watch the trailer for the next episode:

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It’s worth remembering that Sony Channel announced on social media that the 17th season of “Grey’s Anatomy” will debut here in January, with a day to be defined.

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