“ Grey’s Anatomy ”: the biggest bullshit behind the series

One of the most popular series on television, Grey’s Anatomy is an attraction filled with drama in front of and behind the screens. After 17 seasons and with no end in sight, the attraction created by Shonda Rhimes is a real catalyst for public tears, and many of them were caused by bullshit behind the scenes. Thinking about it, CinePOP decided to open up this Pandora’s Box and remember the biggest confusions that happened behind the scenes of the series, in chronological order.

The Isaiah Washington affair

Performer of Dr. Preston Burke, Isaiah Washington used a homophobic curse against fellow TR Knight, and the story resurfaced in October 2006. The actor confirmed the rumors and apologized in public, but the situation remained complicated. . on set – mostly because the repercussions forced Knight to confirm his sexuality, even though he wasn’t ready for it.

But things got really complicated when Washington began to deny what happened in interviews with reporters after the 2007 Golden Globe. The result was the show’s sacking in June of this year. -the. In a subsequent statement, he went so far as to say that he was “deeply enraged” and “would not take this situation any longer”.

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Farewell from TR Knight

It was in 2009 that TR Knight, who lived in George O’Malley, decided to leave Grey’s Anatomy because he was not happy with the little screen time. The actor explained that there was a “progressive communication failure” between him and Shonda Rhimes, which prompted him to resign. “My five-year experience has proven that I cannot trust any of the answers given to me [George]Spoke to Entertainment Weekly.

Drama by Katherine Heigl

Although the eternal Izzie Stevens left the show in March 2010, the confusion started two years earlier when the actress withdrew her entry to compete for the Emmy, saying that “she didn’t think she had received enough material to be considered nominated ”, sending the indirect to the exact address of the writers’ room. The situation, of course, caused a nuisance, and Rhimes justified the character having less screen time because the actress herself had requested a lighter schedule, due to her other commitments.

Yet despite her return in season five, she eventually got tired of the situation and announced her departure. “We are working hard to find a friendly and gracious way to leave the past behind us. It’s sad but that’s what I want. While it seemed like an allegedly friendly outcome, Rhimes and Ellen Pompeo later confirmed that it was an uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

Patrick Dempsey’s departure

Much has never been said about the reasons that prompted Patrick Dempsey to leave Grey’s Anatomy, but it is assumed that the atmosphere between the actor and the creator of the series became complicated because he was breaking the schedule. and didn’t even memorize the lines. After the screen time decreased, Dempsey ended up having his character dead. Officially his departure was friendly, but it was shortly after that Shonda Rhimes said in an interview that he had already killed a character from Grey’s Anatomy because he didn’t get along with his performer.

The insane petition against Jesse Williams

This story began in 2016, when a petition was launched demanding that actor Jesse Williams be fired from Grey’s Anatomy for his “racist speech” when he received an award at the BET Awards, an award that celebrates black artists. . During the ceremony, the actor made an emotional appeal against racism, which was read by some as offensive against “police and white people”.

The petition against Williams had more than 19,000 signatures in less than 24 hours, and Rhimes took to social media to defend his actor. At the same time, several other petitions in favor of the Avery interpreter began to be created, calling on fans of the series to “not let the racists win”. The actor, of course, was not fired.

Sara Ramirez almost returns

Sara Ramirez left Grey’s out of court in 2016, and in August 2018, Rhimes said he invited the actress to bring Callie Torres back for the final episode of season 14. At the time, she was playing in a another series for the CBS channel, Madam Secretary. While Rhimes said she tried to bring Ramirez back and was arrested by CBS, the actress told another story: According to her, CBS was willing to loan her to Grey’s Anatomy, but the real problem would have been ABC. In the end, no one figured out exactly who was to blame, but the result was that Callie never really returned.

When Ellen Pompeo Said She Almost Left The Show

Everything was very calm, when Ellen Pompeo revealed, in an interview with Variety, that she was about to leave Grey’s Anatomy at the start of the series because the atmosphere behind the scenes was beyond any problem. “The first 10 years were filled with cultural issues, bad behavior and a very toxic environment,” he said in 2019. “But as soon as I started having children, it wasn’t about me. I needed to support my family, ”he admitted. “At 40, where am I going to get this kind of money? I have to take care of the children. “

So, did you thank these kids today for the existence of Meredith Gray?

The sudden departure of Justin Chambers

The most recent drama is also one of the lesser known. The recent departure of Justin Chambers from Grey’s Anatomy was announced in the high press, and after the airing of his last episode in the United States. Dr Alex Karev was one of the only leftovers since Season 1, and after the announcement, the actor thanked fans and said he would like to diversify his career choices. But if the fact that he didn’t even say goodbye surprises you, so do we. Was there bullshit out there? And if so, will we ever know which one?

Grey’s Anatomy airs in Brazil on the Sony channel, every Tuesday at 9 p.m.

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