GTA Online LIVE Than Ever – Story Expansion Is Here

Online mode remains the main gimmick of the fifth title

Even after eight years of its release, GTA V is still an absurd force in the industry; a product that has achieved a certain status (as well as enviable) in which the mere mention of its name immediately sends the consumer back to the product. Not only that, but it can even refer to elements that are exclusive to the franchise such as its uniquely designed covers.

This is how the game conquered the second best-selling game in history (behind Minecraft) but obtained the title of first work of entertainment to reach the billion dollar mark faster; this still in 2013, the year of the title’s release. In November 2021, the number of sales was updated, reaching the milestone of 150 million units.

Much of the secret to his success can be attributed to several factors such as his trio of protagonists (Franklin, Michael and the iconic Trevor); the game design of the city of Los Santos and the map in general; the gameplay which greatly refined the new combat mechanics inherited from GTA IV and, mainly, the infamous realistic handling offered in the previous title.

“GTA V” is a historic success

All these alternatives are valid if the online mode did not exist. Even in 2013, the online mode market for games was a novelty that somehow every developer wanted to get a share of. In fact, the leaders in this market were FPS franchises (in November of the same year, Call of Duty: Ghost was released with its multiplayer with over 36,000 players on Steam) like Battlefield and Halo.

However, Rockstar (developer of GTA V) was not a newcomer to the business. Quite the contrary, 2013 was still a time when their titles dictated how other developers should produce their single-player sandbox games; because that was the market in which Rockstar consolidated itself until the launch of the online version.

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The fundamental goal of GTA Online was to provide a complement to the player experience in the offline version, that is, to play the story on its own. This way, consumers could now create their own character almost from scratch, which was not possible in any previous title in the franchise.

The idea behind the online mode is that friends can enjoy all the chaos of the franchise together.

Curious about how the online mode has met with success in taking advantage of RPG mechanics in character creation, with curious elements such as guiding the avatar’s appearance based on similarities to their parents (which may be chosen by the player), going through the choice of clothes until you reach the lifestyle point division which ends up serving as the initial status distribution.

It’s all in the detail as the online version became a quick hit to offer something audiences have always wanted to consume: all the chaotic gameplay of a GTA being shared with a friend (without needing them to be physically close to them). each other like Coop in San Andreas, for example).

The success became even clearer with the launch of the PC version of the title, and on Steam, the online mode has an all-time high of over 300,000 connected players. Knowing the demand for the service, Rockstar traditionally began to offer expansion packs that introduced basic items such as new vehicles or weapons.

Obviously, there was one expansion that stood out above all the others, The Doomsday Heist, in terms of ambition as it offered not only unprecedented destructive vehicles but also factual missions that orbiting a new blueprint for a major breakage. It is this ambition that the new expansion announced, The Contract, promises to repeat.

The most ambitious package to date

Years after the offline campaign, the player’s personalized character will have the chance to work alongside Franklin (one of the three protagonists), now no longer an inexperienced young man, as part of his company who quietly solves problems. involving people with a lot of money.

The DLC is also expected to have the participation of rapper Dr. Dre, who will also feature a new song composed by him, as well as new vehicles, weapons and a new location that will serve as an agency owned by Franklin. The Contract also serves as an important indication: let us remember that the online franchise is still the flagship of Rockstar, it is its main source of income.

In 2020, fiscal year reports from Take-Two, the company that owns Rockstar, indicated that GTA Online made a profit of $ 1 billion, largely thanks to the period of social distancing. imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. It’s one more clue that the service is sure to receive maximum attention anytime soon, although segments of the public are already uncomfortable with the strategy.

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