“Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3”: James Gunn has already started preparations for the sequel

The screenplay for “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” has been around for years, but the film is well on its way to the next stage of pre-production.

Via Twitter, director and screenwriter James Gunn confirmed that he was finishing production on the “Peacemaker” series, a spin-off of “The Suicide Squad”, and that he had already started drawing the storyboard for the sequel so much. expected from the franchise. .

“As I’m drawing the storyboards right now for volume three, it’s a tedious job, it’s good to remember those funny moments,” he said.


It made me laugh every time Kurt said it, as did Rocket who sadly touched his face afterwards, wondering if he really was the shape of a triangle. While I am drawing storyboards right now for Vol 3, a tedious task, it’s good to be such a good time. https://t.co/OrhEWVSJtQ

– James Gunn (@JamesGunn) June 7, 2021

Scheduled for release in May 2023, Gunn also recently revealed that filming will take place from the end of this year.

“The soundtrack is already over. Filming for the film will begin later this year, ”he wrote.

The soundtrack is over. Filming for the film begins at the end of the year.

– James Gunn (@JamesGunn) May 13, 2021

Sadly, Gunn revealed a few days ago that he intends to only do TV series after the release of Marvel’s Team of Heroes 3rd film.

As of now, there’s no way of knowing if he was serious or kidding, but he revealed he’s been thinking about the idea since he started working on the “Peacemaker” series. “.

Enjoy watching:

“I love to do [a série] of the “peacemaker”. I think I won’t invest my time in TV shows until after “Guardians of the Galaxy 3″. It’s a possibility.”

He then shared the news replicated by The Direct on Twitter and reinforced:

“I mean, who knows! I am open to anything that is the most rewarding and narrative in all its forms!

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