Gucci House | Discover the real story behind the new movie starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver

2021 has come to keep our love of cinema alive, and in a few months fans will be able to see the next ‘House of Gucci’ biopic hit theaters – and, as several international magazines have pointed out, be one of the main awards titles for next year.

The feature film, which is in charge of legendary director Ridley Scott (‘Gladiator’, ‘Lost on Mars’), is based on the eponymous non-fiction novel signed by Sara Gay Forden and revolves around the murder of former Maurizio Gucci president of the famous designer brand Gucci. Murder lawyer Patrizia Reggiani will be experienced by none other than Oscar winner Lady Gaga, who may earn another nomination in the Best Actress category following her acclaimed surrender in ‘A Star Is Born’ ‘in 2018. Also bringing in names like Adam Driver, Al Pacino, Jared Leto, Salma Hayek and Jeremy Irons, the film promises to be a huge hit – but do you know the story behind it?

It all started when Patrizia, the daughter of a trucker and a waitress, met Maurizio, grandson of the founder of the Gucci house, Guccio, at a party in the 1970s. Fall in love with the likeness of the young woman with the iconic Elizabeth Taylor, both got engaged and became engaged.They consummated the marriage in 1972, despite the reservations that Rodolfo, Maurizio’s father, had about the union, even trying to bribe the Cardinal of Milan to cancel the ceremony, believing that the new daughter-in-law was after money. Of course, things turned out well (at least to a point) and the newlyweds had two daughters, becoming prominent names on the Milanese social scene. Patrizia was even affectionately referred to as Lady Gucci by the local and international press, due to her extravagant lifestyle, which included properties across the globe and exorbitantly spending on flowers and other goodies.

Rodolfo died in 1983, the cause of death was not disclosed at the time. The body was found by his own father, Guido Gucci. Soon after, Maurizio inherited 50% of the designer company, the other half of which belonged to his uncle, Aldo, plunging into a tangled legal battle that even landed them in New York’s Supreme Court. With the tide in Maurizio’s favor, he emerged victorious from the court and took control of the empire – but things wouldn’t stay that way for long. Two years later, the young businessman will go to Florence, first on business; however, he never came home and started a new life with Italian interior designer Paola Franchi.

Due to constant and insignificant spending, Maurizio found himself in a bind and was forced, in 1988, to sell almost half of Gucci’s shares to an investment fund called Investcorp, which controls, for example, the Tiffany jewelry since 1984, hold a 50% stake and lose much of the control of the brand. In the early 90s, nothing seemed to be improving and the accounts remained in the red. Maurizio was even guilty of wasting absurd sums of money both at the empire’s headquarters in Florence and Milan – something that seemed to bother Patrizia much more than her husband’s infidelity.

In 1993, he sold the remainder of Gucci’s stock to Investcorp for a paltry sum of $ 170 million. Two years later, he was shot three times by a hitman, stopping the planet with the brutality of the unexpected event.

Many lines of inquiry began to intervene in Maurizio’s case, but never came to a conclusion. About to be cleared by police, an informant told Italian officers he overheard a night watchman bragging about recruiting the killer. By tracing the profile of this wearer, all suspicion fell on Patrizia.

One of the pieces of evidence that caught the attention of detectives was Lady Gucci’s diary, in which she wrote paradeisos, a Greek word for heaven, on the same day that her ex-husband was murdered. After being charged, she denied any involvement in the case during all of the trial days, demanding her acquittal. However, prosecutors told the judge that Patrizia had worked with four other accomplices: Pina Auriemma, his confidante, astrologer and closest friend; the gunslinger Benedetto Ceraulo; the escape driver Orazio Cicala; and the aforementioned night watchman Ivano Savioni. Apparently, Patrizia orchestrated a complex murder plan out of fear that her daughters would lose their inheritance if Maurizio decided to remarry.

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Earning the nickname Black Widow, Patrizia was sentenced to 29 years in prison, but was only jailed for sixteen years. She even tried to hang herself in her cell with a sheet. When offered the opportunity to serve her sentence on bail, she refused. “I’ve never worked in my life and I’m not going to start now,” he said.

Patrizia was released in 2016. A year later, she would receive an annuity of 900 thousand euros ($ 1.08 million) from the Gucci house, under an old agreement signed in 1993. The court also ordered her to receive a delayed payment of his time in prison, worth more than 16 million euros ($ 19.229 million).

When she was disturbed at her workplace by an Italian tabloid, she was asked why she hadn’t shot Maurizio on her own. Irritated, she replied with the following sentence: “My vision is not very good. I didn’t want to make a mistake ”.

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