‘Hamilton’: film version arrives at Disney + without subtitles or dubbing and fans are outraged

Disney + arrived in Brazil on Tuesday (17) and one of the most anticipated titles was the film version of “Hamilton” – an acclaimed Broadway musical.

However, Brazilians who don’t speak English will find it difficult to verify the production, as it was distributed throughout the Latin American market without Portuguese subtitles or dubbing.

The circumstance is the result of a “creative decision” made by Disney, as revealed by the company itself to the Filmelier portal.

The determination was not welcomed by several subscribers, who expressed their displeasure through social media. On Twitter, many Internet users shared their frustration:

Disney + Brasil for those who wanted to watch Hamilton captioned pic.twitter.com/yQdQY1H03W

– ️‍✊Dance Floor Darling (@lexandrelopes) November 17, 2020

Military flight, 1 year, 1 fucking year to come and go to brazil and disney plus and the AI ​​HAS NO LEGEND IN HAMILTON

– Moone (@MooneSaiky) November 17, 2020

has subtitles on several boots but ai disney + arrives with hamilton in brazil without subtitles ?????

– (@han_mxxnseok) November 17, 2020

putz, broadway shows are already elitist as a fuck, hamilton only earned proshots and turned into a movie to gain a lot of knowledge. then the Disney films, brings to Brazil who speaks Portuguese and refuses to translate and subtitle? what a fucking lazy team eh

– daisy mundinho spit by Jonathan Groff br (@schuylerfavs) November 17, 2020

@DisneyPlusBR I was very happy with the arrival of Disney + in Brazil! I went straight to see the seventh season of Clone Wars, there is only the first episode … And Hamilton only has English subtitles (my mom and dad can’t follow)
Wow disney

– Dani !!! =](@danielgarofalo) November 17, 2020

5 months of waiting for Hamilton and Disney Plus in Brazil so that when you arrive, you don’t even have the legend lmm I blame you

– | DISNEY LEGENDA HAMILTON (@mayyoualways_) November 17, 2020

for me it was the worst decision for disney plus, hamilton was one of the most viewed movies of the year overall on all streaming platforms so they are coming to brazil without subtitles for any of the movies that worry the crowd the most. I thought of too much hesitation. https://t.co/CneK6vN9i4

– garbage heroine (@dcucomics) November 17, 2020

This is Brazil, our language is PORTUGUESE, no one has to know English, especially the elderly, DISNEY LEGENDA HAMILTON IN PORTUGUESE

– Sara ❄️🎄 DISNEY LEGENDA HAMILTON (@SaraDiasz) November 17, 2020

I love that Hamilton released the proshot on July 3rd and 4th, they already had multiple language subtitles and very well done subtitles.

Then Disney had 4 months to bring it to Brazil and halfway through it decided it was better not to make a legend.

– hamilfan’re putasso (@wellysonbrito) November 17, 2020

On Rotten Tomatoes, the special opened with 100% critical approval, scoring 9.31 / 10 based on 42 reviews (so far). According to the general consensus, “look around, look around and see how ‘Hamilton’ shines beyond Broadway – and how Thomas Kail captures the narcotic energy of theatrical performance.”

Check out the reviews:

“It’s hard to believe that ‘Hamilton’ performed better than here” – Times (UK).

“The optimism of this vision, filtered by a sensitivity as generous as that of [Lin-Manuel] Miranda is inspiring ”- New York Times.

“The film captures the qualities that make ‘Hamilton’ something special, while adding incredible flavors to itself” – Aisle Seat.

“Lin-Manuel Miranda’s brilliant musical, with its intimate and chilling presentation, continues to present us” – The Movie Minute.

“’Hamilton’ is the kind of content Disney needs to do: educational, fun, and provocative” – Glittering Myth.

The special brings together footage from three live performances of the show, performed on the stage of the Richard Rogers Theater and is not a traditional film adaptation, like Oscar winner “ Les Miserables ” or even from the infamous recent ‘Cats’.

“ Hamilton ” debuted in off-Broadway theaters in 2015, migrating to New York City shortly after tickets went on sale.

Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom Jr., Daveed Diggs, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Christopher Jackson, Jonathan Groff, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas, Okieriete Onadowan and Anthony Ramos are the stars.

Based on the 2004 biography signed by Ron Chernow, the musical revolves around the first Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton.

“Hamilton” won 11 Tony Awards statuettes, as well as the Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album.

Other credits in Lin-Manuel Miranda’s cinema include “Moana”, the animation in which he was responsible for the soundtrack, and “The Return of Mary Poppins”, in which he played the Lighter Jack.

Make sure you watch:


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