“Hanna”: season 3 of the series will be the LAST; Watch the trailer!

Amazon today revealed that Season 3 of the “Hanna” series will be the last. The reason has not been revealed.

The next cycle will officially begin on November 24.

Watch the trailer:

The series was created by David Farr, the feature film’s co-writer.

Hanna is no ordinary girl. Raised by her father, a former CIA agent on the outskirts of Finland; she has the strength, endurance and keen instinct of a soldier. Her education and training have the same goal, everything conspires to make her the perfect assassin. The turning point of her adolescence is very intense: sent by her father to fulfill a mission, Hanna travels in secret through North Africa and Europe, eluding secret agents and underground killers who report to a relentless spy who hides secrets about itself. The closer she gets to her ultimate goal, Hanna not only has to face powerful enemies, but also has to face alarming revelations about her very existence.

Enjoy watching:

Esme Creed-Miles plays the main character and Joel Kinnaman (“Suicide Squad”) plays his father. Mireille Enos (‘The Killing’) will play the CIA agent who pursues the young girl.

Make sure you watch:

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