Happy Halloween | 10 activities to watch with children this Halloween

And the most mystical day of the year has finally arrived!

While not an essentially national holiday, Halloween carries with it a very supernatural story that has traveled the world from corner to corner – especially since, according to countless mythologies, it represents the moment when the veil enters the earthly world and the spiritual becomes more tenuous.

It’s no surprise that Halloween has inspired and continues to inspire countless artists to create stories that make our hair stand on end and make us look over our shoulders to see if we’re not being followed. Likewise, many filmmakers also use these tales to sharpen children’s synesthesia and their understanding of complex subjects.

From the classic “The Strange World of Jack” to the recent “Coraline and the Secret World” and “Kubo and the Magic Ropes”, children’s horror films are a great choice for today – and, with that in mind, we we have separated a list with 10 activities to check with the children.

Check out our picks below and let us know which one is your favorite:


Enjoy watching:

Where to watch: Disney +

Released in the 1980s, ‘The Magic Cauldron’ was overshadowed by much more famous titles from Walt Disney Studios, but it deserves to be rediscovered. Set in the mythical land of Prydain, the story follows the young Taran on a magical quest: armed with a magical sword, he must prevent the evil Horned King from unleashing the supernatural powers of a magical cauldron. For this, he will have the help of the beautiful Princess Eilonwy, Gurgi and a showy pig.

Where to watch: Disney +

Decades after its release, “The Strange World of Jack” remains one of the most amazing animated musicals of all time – and it mixes Halloween and Christmas into one lush narrative. Directed by Henry Selick and story by Tim Burton, the story revolves around Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, who is tired of going through the same routine year after year. Suddenly he finds himself in a strange forest guarding a Christmas town gate, stumbles upon a party like he’s never seen before – and decides to take it over and create a unique (and terrifying) Christmas. .


Where to watch: NOW, Vivoplay

‘A Noiva Cadaver’, released sixteen years ago by Laika Studios, wowed audiences by bringing a fictional Victorian village to life and focusing on the complex relationship of Victor (Johnny Depp), a clumsy young man who is seen with teary eyes where he lives, and Emily, the main character who returns from the dead when Victor offers to marry her. Also starring in actors like Emily Watson and Richard E. Grant, the film was critically acclaimed and grossed nearly $ 120 million worldwide, in addition to being nominated for an Oscar for Best Animation.

Where to watch: Netflix

The beloved animation “A Casa Monstro” is a gem of the genre and, although it is rediscovered year after year, it still does not get the recognition it deserves – perhaps not so much for the technical construction. , but for the funny and shocking story. The plot follows three teenagers who believe the house across the street is in fact a dangerous creature that attacks anyone who passes by. As Halloween approaches, they must find a way to destroy her before she harms innocent children.

Where to watch: Google Play

Coraline Jones’ Dark Journey invites audiences to visit a parallel world inhabited by people with eye pimples, an interesting and seemingly inviting version of the reality we know. However, as the heroine uncovers the secrets of this mystical place, she realizes that she is drawn into a death trap.

9 – SALVATION (2009)

Where to watch: HBO Max

The underrated and thought-provoking animation ‘9 The Salvation’ was released in 2009 thanks to iconic producer Tim Burton and director Shane Acker. The post-apocalyptic adventure takes place on a planet devastated by the uprising of machines, which has destroyed the human race and taken control of all corners of the earth. discovers that his creator has given him a mission: to find eight other minirobots to join forces and uncover the mystery behind the chaotic events.

Where to watch: Apple TV +

The producer known as Laika has an undeniable ability to create great stories – and of course that wouldn’t be any different with the fun ‘ParaNorman’ animation. The film brings together in the same scenario a group of fantastic creatures that still permeate the popular imagination, but also zombies, ghosts and witches. The plot revolves around the young medium Norman Babcock, who becomes the only one able to save the cursed small town of Blithe Hollow from death in the clutches of the dreaded witch Aggie Prenderghatst.

Where to watch: Disney +

Victor enjoys making horror movies at home, often starring his dog Sparky. When the dog is crushed to death, the boy is sad and unhappy. Inspired by a science class he took at school, where a teacher shows that it is possible to stimulate movement with electricity, he builds a machine that will allow him to revive Sparky. The experiment works, but what Victor didn’t expect is that his best friend would come back with slightly different habits.


Where to watch: Google Play

Kubo leads a normal, calm life in a small village in Japan with his mother. Until a vengeful spirit from the past completely changes his life, forcing all manner of gods and monsters to chase him away. Now, to survive, Kubo will have to find magical armor that was used by his late father, a legendary samurai warrior.


Where to watch: NOW

The Addams family is preparing to receive a visit from even scarier relatives, but dark local TV personality Margaux Needler shows up to make a fortune by selling every house in the neighborhood. As a result, the bad days of the perched mansion, which Margaux despises, seem to have their days numbered.

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