‘Harry Potter’: WarnerMedia president plans to expand franchise

According to The Hollywood Reporter, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar attended an investor conference and discussed a possible expansion of the “Harry Potter” franchise.

“There is a little thing called ‘Harry Potter’ which is one of the most beloved franchises in cinema. And we are extremely grateful to be able to collaborate with [a criadora] JK Rowling. So I would say there is a lot of fun and potential ahead, ”said the executive.

Kilar did not say what those development plans would be, but the announcement comes shortly after rumors pointed out that Warner Bros. and HBO Max were interested in a live action television series based on the books written by Rowling.

It’s worth remembering that many fans are keen to see an adaptation of the book ‘Harry Potter and the Cursed Child’, which takes place decades after Voldemort was defeated.

The plot follows Albus Severus Potter and his journey to Hogwarts as a member of Slytherin, where he befriends Scorpio Malfoy, Draco’s son.

Albus must struggle with the weight of a family heirloom he never wanted. As the past and present menacingly merge, he and his father learn an uncomfortable truth: Sometimes darkness comes from unexpected places.

Despite expectations regarding the streak, there is still nothing confirmed about the franchise’s new plans.

Additionally, it is not yet clear how Rowling intends to continue the ‘Harry Potter’ universe on small screens, so it is not clear if the plot will follow the events of the films or if they will be based. on random arcs of novels. linked to the main saga.

On the flip side, fans hated when rumors about the TV series surfaced, and some were even campaigning for Warner to drop the idea.

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HBO, cancel this Harry Potter spinoff series now!

– will. (@akatushaoficial) January 26, 2021

hbo max nobody wants harry potter series for god sake nobody asked stop giving money to transphobes

– líliament (@nothinghappwns) January 26, 2021

Hopefully this Harry Potter series, but it will be so strange to see other actors in the roles kkkk I’ll love it if they bring someone from the movies to play a different role.

– kel ✨ (@donnapaltrow) January 26, 2021

For me the new Harry Potter series can be about founders or villains without any issues https://t.co/mGhdEHa2Mg

– (@svilacio) January 26, 2021


– ᴠɪᴄᴋ (@yVickzi) January 26, 2021

about harry potter hbo series

can put a fan to write a script

because I have already given up jk

– Marcella ͛ (@M_sangiuliano) January 26, 2021

this new Harry Potter series could be villains and in the final seasons on wizarding wars

– ❆ (@gabidochurros) January 26, 2021

Man how will there be series of
Harry Potter ????

– Vitória Sampaio (@vitoriafsampaio) January 26, 2021


– Sue | At Strangefrost ⊬ (@strangelaufey) January 26, 2021

“Need a Harry Potter series”
Of course there is fuck

– Yan (@robledo_yan) January 26, 2021

HBO Max Starter Series Project for Harry Potter, SCR, Sei Sem O Que Pensarr

– ade (@jademmoreira) January 26, 2021

Live according to the launch day of the series on the Harry Potter universe.

– Amor (z) im (@Amor_z_im) January 26, 2021

Expanding the world of “Harry Potter” remains a priority for HBO Max and Warner Bros., which, along with creator JK Rowling, controls property rights.

“Harry Potter” is one of Warner’s most valuable intellectual properties.

remembering that Rowling’s literary series was adapted into eight films which grossed over $ 07 billion worldwide.

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