“Hawk and the Winter Soldier”: Anthony Mackie talks about a possible romance between Sam and Bucky

In an interview with Variety, Anthony Mackie returned to talk about Sam and Bucky’s relationship on the “Hawk and the Winter Soldier” series, stating that they are just friends and denied the possibility of a romance between the characters. .

“A lot of things are twisted and complicated. There are a lot of things people cling to in order to become relevant and rational. The idea that two guys are friends and love each other in 2021 is problematic because of the exploitation of homosexuality. Men can be friends, they can go out and that’s cool. You can’t do it anymore, because something as pure and beautiful as homosexuality has been exploited by people who are trying to rationalize themselves.

He adds: “There is nothing more masculine than being a superhero and defeating your enemies, but there is nothing more sensitive than having personal conversations and a spiritual friendship with someone. ‘one that you love and that you love. They are literally two guys who care about each other.

The series was created by Malcolm Spellman.

After the events of Avengers: Ultimatum, Sam Wilson / Hawk and Bucky Barnes / Winter Soldier unite for a global adventure that tests your skills and patience.

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan are the stars of the production. The cast also includes Daniel Brühl, Emily VanCamp, Wyatt Russell, Georges St-Pierre, Don Cheadle, Erin Kellyman, Desmond Chiam and Noah Mills.

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