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Located on Timmverse, the production is rarely recalled among the rest

The 90s were very important for the expansion of the DC Comics brand. In film, the Tim Burton franchise has re-established Batman as a dark character in the popular imagination. On television, the team led by Bruce Timm produced Batman: The Animated Series with popular approval due to its artistic, online and storyline choices that captivated both new audiences and fans. for a long time.

As the episodes were released, the series only grew in popularity (as well as product sales) and at one point Warner decided to bet on how far the formula the Bruce trio developed. Timm, Paul Dini and Alan Burnett for The Dark Knight could go with other DC Comics Properties.

The first creative encounters were marked by indecision, especially as to the characters who would be part of the cast. One of the ideas that became more famous was that Bruce Timm allegedly suggested, at one point, that the show was something much more shared than the solo. Explanation: The idea presented is that in each episode, Superman should interact with another DC character (be a member of the Justice League or not) instead of playing alone in adventures.

Pair Bruce Timm (left) and Paul Dini reissue the partnership created in the Batman series

The idea was quickly rejected by then-DC Comics president Janette Kahn (the same who made key decisions for Superman as the publication of his marriage to Lois Lane coincides with the Lois & Clark event and all. throughout the Death and Rebirth hero arc), in which she believes sharing the limelight with cameos would be terrible for Superman’s development.

Another point of discussion was the animation style, which Bruce Timm initially thought that something reminiscent of the animation style of Fleischer Studios (very popular in theaters in the 1940s) might be interesting. These shorts are considered exceptional works of the time they were produced, not only for an artistic aspect used on the lighting effects, but also for the elasticity of the movements that these animations presented.

However, this was another idea abandoned as the production team feared that the new animated series would fall victim to comparisons to classic animation. What was decided was to revisit the hero’s origins, from the time of the explosion of the planet Krypton (showing some development for his biological parents), through a brief moment of his youth in Smallville to his arrival at Metropolis.

The Scarlet Sprinter was the first special appearance in the animated series

Over the seasons, the series also introduced some changes related to the characters in the DC Universe; the most important being Brainiac’s makeover. Originally presented in the comics as an alien who shrunk cities on multiple planets for fun, he later became the well-known artificial intelligence.

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However, it was during the animated series that Brainiac established a curious connection with the Man of Steel when he was introduced in the first episode as the artificial intelligence created by Jor-El to help monitor. Krypton (with apparent reference to the 2001 HAL 9000 computer). – A space odyssey). His influence, however, rose to such a level that he possessed all the knowledge of the world and when it began to crumble he did not hesitate to flee.

The series would also become known for featuring cameos from other heroes throughout the seasons, with The Flash being the first (although so far there has been no identification of Barry Allen or Wally West) followed by ‘a similar encounter with Batman. the pages of World’s Finest and even the mighty Darkside had their part at one point.

While it hasn’t achieved the same fan-cult status as its “parents” over the years, Superman: The Animated Series showcased the structures of what has become the DC Comics Universe in the animations; Even though the Batman series was the cornerstone, it was with Man of Steel that audiences got their first glimpse of how some iconic characters fit into the so-called Timmverse.

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