HBO Max | ‘The Young Titans’ – Remember 5 great moments from dear animation

Animation has been the gateway to the comic book world for many

Available on HBO Max, Os Jovens Titãs was an adaptation of the eponymous DC Comics team which enjoyed absolute success, mainly in Brazil, during the 2000s. In the wake of the successful model proposed by La Liga da Justiça, the The animation was based on the chemistry between the protagonists to guide the episodes. In this way, internal friction arose and only reinforced the idea of ​​a team for both them and the spectator.

In total, the program had five seasons between 2003 and 2006 in which several elements contributed to its idolatry. The aforementioned chemistry between the characters was a factor, however, the more animated sequence (which contradicted the Bruce Timm style that reigned in DC animations at the time) enriched the action scenes; the comedy usually drawn by Cyborg and Beast Boy worked, in addition to linking to the source material which was sometimes referenced or adapted. That said, here are five great moments of the drawing.

5) Cyborg batteries

The fifth episode of the first season focuses exclusively on the team man-machine, and the whole plot revolves around the urgent need for him to change his own batteries or he could be permanently disconnected. Similar to Robin, Cyborg has never had a moment throughout the series where his origin story as a football star who has an accident and is turned into a machine is told.

A really cool episode with the charismatic Cyborg.

However, in this particular episode, the feeling of exclusion felt by the hero is precisely represented by the limitation of the batteries. When the Cyborg batteries are gone for good in the middle of the mission, he is rescued by Reparo, who leads an underground community of machines. After being repaired by him, Cyborg is faced with the option of becoming a full-fledged robot and then realizes the value of his human side.

4) Robin becomes Slade’s apprentice

The famous DC mercenary was throughout the show the great enemy of the Titans, initially presented as a voice in the shadows but when he won in presence he was able to face the five with great ease. Of all the heroes, Slade from the start showed a fondness for Robin, and by the end of the first season, he had put his plan into action.

After infecting the heroes’ blood cells with explosives, Slade blackmails the boy prodigy to abandon them and become his apprentice, even getting a new uniform. Without a choice, the young man accepts and leaves the team without further explanation, which results in a situation of tension between his former colleagues, who do not know how to react to this new dynamic, and Robin himself, who knows why. he’s doing it but can’t tell.

Slade was the first big bad for a whole generation of viewers.

Plus, this mini arc still features the best Batman reference ever made throughout the animation, which happens when Slade promises Robin that one day he’ll always call him father and he replies that he already has one. one while the bats take over. Classic.

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3) Who is Red X?

This question is partly answered and partly left open. Initially the character was a creation of Robin himself to get closer to Slade, and thus discover his plans, without even suspecting him. The plan doesn’t work, and Robin quickly removes the costume, even though the team went through a crisis of trust in him after this episode.

The identity of the second Red X has never been revealed.

However, in the second episode of season three, the team is confronted with an individual who wears a costume very similar to the Red X. Robin, believing it to be an imitation, discovers that someone has stolen. all the equipment he assembled for that identity. . The episode ends without end and it is never revealed who the new Red X really was, with speculation ranging from a new character to Jason Todd.

2) The reign of Trigon

Something the show wasn’t afraid to show off was Ravena’s demonic origins and her relationship to her father, Trigon. Such is the significance of this particular arc that virtually the entire fourth season is devoted to showing Trigon’s ascension to Earth and how easily he manages not only to enslave humanity, but also to modify the planet to make it happen. becomes a hellish place.

The arc around Trigon’s Ascent was the height of the hustle and bustle.

This arc shows the full extent of Ravena’s powers and how the time-honored characters from the animation are rearranged on this new board. Without a doubt, this is the moment that seems to be the most definitive conclusion of the drawing among all those presented before or after.

1) Judas Contract

The arc involving Terra was very emotional and had an impact on the team.

One of the most interesting characters to appear in the five seasons is, without a doubt, Terra. With the power to cause earthquakes, she appears as the sixth member of the team at the start of the second season and gets development work throughout the episodes until her climax in the season finale. in which it is revealed that she was a Slade spy.

The plot is an adaptation of the 1984 Judas Contract saga, considered one of the team’s most memorable. In both comics and animation, this saga is a clear moment when the members reach a new level of maturity thanks to Terra’s betrayal.

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