Hi? Zombies fall from the sky in “Z Dead End” horror trailer; Check!

The ‘Z Dead End’ terrorist trash won the first trailer, where it literally shows thousands of zombies falling from the sky.

It will take more than umbrellas to save us from this climate …

Check out the trailer:

The film is directed by Robert Resto.

A sheriff (Felissa Rose), with the help of other strange survivors, must fight to survive when his town is overrun with bodies falling from the sky. No one knows how the zombies got there. Where are they from and what are they doing here? The real question is: will they survive the rain of the dead?

The cast also includes Robert LaSardo, George Lazenby, Robert Mukes, Brinke Stevens, Dave Sheridan and Shawn C. Phillips.

The terror, founded thanks to a successful campaign on Indiegogo, has yet to be released.

Enjoy watching:

Make sure to watch:


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