“High School Musical”: Roman Banks Voices In New Promotional Music Video For Season 2; Check!

Season 2 of “High School Musical: The Series: The Musical” has already debuted on Disney + and, to promote it, the streaming platform has released a new video in which Roman Banks unleashes his voice with the song ” If I Can’t Love Her ”, one of the songs from the iconic film ‘A Bela ea Fera’.


The cast consists of Olivia Rodrigo (‘Bizaardvark’), Joshua Bassett (‘The Middle Sister’), Kate Reinders (‘Modern Family’), Sofia Wylie (‘Andi Mack’), Matt Cornett (‘Bella and the Bulldogs ”), Dara Renee (“Crazy Friday”), Julia Lester (“Mom”), Frankie Rodriguez (“Modern Family”) and Larry Saperstein.

The story follows a group of East High drama students who come together to produce a winter play. The series will be in a kind of documentary, with the characters narrating and showing how the presentation is progressing and all the details.

Screenwriter Tim Federle, known for his work in ‘The Bull Ferdinando’ animation, takes care of the script.

Enjoy watching:

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