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A lot of people wanted to subscribe to Disney + to get access to Marvel movies, Pixar, Star Wars and all. However, the platform has several original contents in the catalog in Brazil for those who like to visit new places and learn new things without leaving the sofa. Full of curiosities and a sense of “well-being”, the documentary series we have selected in this article are creative and interesting, perfect for those who have no commitment for these holidays and want to know more about things you had no idea you wanted to know. Check out!

The world according to Jeff Goldblum

Made with NatGeo, this series has a unique energy. Featured and starring Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic Park’s eternal Dr.Ian Malcolm, the series consists of 12 episodes of about 30 minutes each, in which Jeff uses his curiosity to continue the story and interesting cases about the most banal. possible, as barbecue, video game, jeans and sneakers. It might sound silly, but this series manages to convey information, fun, and even humor, given the personality … well, peculiar, so to speak, of the presenter. It’s a lot of fun to watch interviewees and ordinary people react to the star’s presence in the surroundings and the happiness he brings to living those moments ends up being good. It has the same vibe as the Netflix short starring Zac Efron, but with even more charisma and eccentricity.

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Marvel Heroes Project

In a world where Marvel superheroes have taken over cinemas, comics, TV, and streaming, the question remains: where can they go if they want to tell new stories? The answer is this series. Directed with a more emotional and motivating imprint, it tells, over 20 episodes of about 30 minutes each, the story of real-life young people who manage to make a difference in the world in their own way. So we have episodes focused on a blind soccer player, a girl who builds houses for families in Mexico, a boy who opened a community garden to feed the needy and even a young woman who helps and encourages others in her. age to speak. and pay attention to the elderly with Alzheimer’s disease. It’s a fantastic project that gives voice and shines a light on real-life little heroes, whose missions help hundreds of people around the world.

Know the sculptures and the modeling of films

Despite the long name, the series is so interesting that it will leave you looking forward to a second season. During 8 episodes of approximately 30 minutes each, collector Dan Lanigan shows pieces and discusses with creators of pieces, costumes and films about the history of these artefacts. Along with the significance of these pieces, we gained a real lesson in film history and got introduced to several behind-the-scenes stories, such as curiosities, production headaches, and problems to be solved. It’s too interesting.

From Earth to Ned

Parodying traditional American talk shows, this series is presented by two aliens, Ned and Cornelius, who intended to invade Earth, but ended up falling in love with Earth’s culture and decided to use their technology to learn more about the success of the planet in a type of auditorium program. The idea is a little weird, but it’s a really fun program. Some of the celebrities on the show are director Eli Roth, actress Raven Symoné, and even global dredge icon RuPaul Charles. The dolls that feature the show are made by the Jim Hanson Company, which made dolls like Master Yoda and the dinosaurs from The Dinosaur Family.

Inside Disney

I couldn’t finalize the recommendations without mentioning a series that helps explain the size and why of Disney in making it such a success until today. With six episodes of approximately 20 minutes each, the series takes you behind the scenes from different areas of The Walt Disney Company, including parks, movies, ESPN, music and DisneyRun. It’s a journey where the “magic” happens before the products reach us, it’s a way to understand the business ideas that made Disney run and that remain a benchmark in the market for decades.

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