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The Amazon Prime Video platform has reached an impressive 200 million subscribers. The company’s record brings it closer and closer to the almighty Netflix, which currently has around 204 million subscribers. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Amazon’s colossal amount was hit this month, with the addition of 50 million subscriptions in the past three months. To celebrate this boost from the blue streaming platform, which could very soon become the favorite of the general public around the world, overtaking the champion so far Netflix, we have decided to select in our new article a series of tips of a genre that we love and that is one of your favorites, our readers: horror.

Amazon Prime Video has some great horror classics to watch right now in its current collection. So don’t waste any more time. Here we will help you in this sifting in order to find these real gems hidden on the platform. Find out below.

Halloween franchise

You fan of maniac Michael Myers loved the Halloween reboot (2018), and can’t wait for the Halloween Kills sequel – which debuts this year – but you still haven’t had the chance to know the previous chapters of the saga, this one is for you. Amazon owns almost all of the movies in the franchise. The first, Halloween – The Night of Horror (1978), by John Carpenter, it goes without saying, is a must-see and a true masterpiece of horror. The sequel Halloween II – The Nightmare Continues (1981) turns 40 in 2021, has a script and production by Carpenter, and while it doesn’t compare to the original, it’s still a good choice.

Halloween III (1982) has a bold idea that didn’t really work out then, but has reappeared as cult work today. Here, still produced by Carpenter, Michael Myers doesn’t show up, and we have a story involving dark magic and science. Well, you can see those three and stop there. The platform still has Parts 4 and 5 of the franchise, with the return of Michael Myers, but watch them at your own risk, whether you’re a big fan or curious.

The monster squad

Entitled in Brazil Deu a Louca nos Monstros, this 1987 production presents its original title on Amazon, The Monster Squad. So, to make your search easier, we also use the original name here, although many will know it by the Brazilian title of Open TV Reruns. The concept of the film is really cool, and mixes the Goonies, with a group of pre-teens a la Stranger Things, crossing the classic monsters of Universal, namely: Dracula, Frankenstein, the werewolf, the mummy and the monster. black Lake. Because it wasn’t very successful when it was released, the film was quickly limited to cult status even then. Over the years, however, an increasingly small group (composed only of those who knew him at the time) fondly cherished the memory of the film. This is the opportunity to bring back this production which combines horror and adventure for a new generation.

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An American werewolf in London

Speaking of werewolves, this is perhaps the most famous film in cinema to approach such furry creatures. Plus, it served to reinvigorate the mythology of murderous beasts for a new generation, adding a lot of sour humor, creativity, but not forgetting the countless scares. Still revered as one of the greatest horror films of all time, An American Werewolf in London turns 40 in 2021, making it the perfect opportunity to be seen or revisited. The film won the Oscar for Best Makeup, honoring expert Rick Baker with the first of his 7 Academy statuettes.

Macabre valentine

Speaking of horror movies that turn 40 in 2021, here we come back to the realm of slasher works. The same year as Halloween II, it came out during the subgenre’s so-called boom year this Macabre Valentine’s Day. A Canadian production, the film became known as the “Proletarian Slasher,” with workers at a coal mine in a small town having their peers tormented by a mysterious figure. The film generated a good remake in 2009.

the elf

Here we have a classic not from the 80s, but from the 90s. Released in 1993, the horror features the famous Warwick Davis (Willow and Harry Potter) as the infamous goblin slayer. The idea was to boost a new horror icon like Michael Myers, Jason and Freddy. But what really stands out is the presence of star Jennifer Aniston, before Friends, in her first movie role. In addition to the Halloween franchise, Amazon has four of the Elf movies on the platform, but being a good friend of yours, we only recommend the first out of morbid curiosity to see Aniston star in a very young horror movie.

Hellraiser – Reborn from Hell

Another landmark in horror, Hellraiser is based on the book by master Clive Barker and the first film is even directed by himself. The author has a superb performance at the helm of the work, being responsible for the nightmares of an entire generation with his images beyond the graphics contained in the film. Hell and fun are some of the themes of this feature. As is often the case in horror, Hellraiser has spawned endless sequels, but Amazon only offers four of the films. We recommend the first three, which are the only ones that are really worth it, but despite this they gradually lose quality. The first, however, is still one of the 1980s gore horror masterpieces.


Speaking of horror masterpieces, here we go back another 10 years compared to Hellraiser, to the year 1977. Who directs it is a very famous name in the genre: Dario Argento, Italian director who is a master horror. Italian horror films were known by the nickname Giallo (yellow), which speaks of the excessive use of violence, blood (gore) and the feeling of nightmare over reality. Aside from the last element, it can be said that these films had an influence on the American slasher subgenre. This is one of the few films in which Argento uses supernatural elements as the source of his horror. Very famous for its aesthetics, here we have a dance company that serves as a facade to a witch’s lair. The film is the first part of a trilogy and was re-shot in 2018 by Luca Guadagnino.

The master of desires

Many horror enthusiasts and experts alike claim that the last great villain of the genre created was Candyman. However, in the 90s, other villains who were aiming for heart and popularity with fans attempted to garner public interest. This was the case with the aforementioned Duende in 1993. A few years later, in 1997, the same thing happened in this horror starring the villainous Djin, a cursed “genie of the lamp” who gave wishes to anyone who found a gemstone from where it came from. The catch is that such wishes never came true the way the person imagined them to be and the unfortunate one ended up dead or fucked up most of the time. Produced by veteran Wes Craven, the big move behind the scenes in the film was to reunite the legendary Jason, Freddy Krueger, and the aforementioned Candyman in his film. Good or almost. Since those who show their faces are the performers of such characters without makeup.


Going back to the 80s, now we’re going to let the dog go. The first is this dog of the Saint Bernard breed, whose origin dates back to a book by the master of the genus Stephen King. In the plot, a cheerful dog is bitten by a bat and acquires rabies, thus becoming an uncontrollable beast. He ends up cornering a mother (the role of actress Dee Wallace – who the year before had shone in ET – The Alien) and her grandson in a car, where they spend an entire day desperately looking. help. It is tension in its purest form.

white dog

A year before Cujo’s theatrical release, legendary director Samuel Fuller delivered a disturbing and very questioning work beyond a simple horror film. Before Jordan Peele, other filmmakers had taken more serious and discussion-worthy themes and molded them into more pop forms in order to investigate and question their meaning. So Fuller created an article to discuss racism in the form of terror. In the plot, a Hollywood actress finds an injured White German Shepherd Dog and decides to stay with him to treat him. What she doesn’t know is that her former owner was racist and trained her to attack black people, creating a real killing machine. Now the woman must deprogram this rabies in the animal.

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