“Host”: Terror who debuted on Netflix has 100% APPROVAL on RT; Check out the reviews!

The Terror “Host” has won the hearts of critics and received no less than 100% approval on the Rotten Tomatoes website.

The film is now available on the Netflix streaming platform.

With a rating of 7.99 / 10 based on 43 reviews to date, the film is “straightforward, tense and scary,” using a “classic premise to give fans of the genre a gift.”

The horror is similar in style to “Broken Friendship,” which takes place via video call and was filmed ENTIRELY during quarantine!
Check out some of the reviews below and watch the trailer:

“’Host’ is a simple, sordid exercise that may not last long, but shows what can be done during tough times” – Guardian.

“The characters, the performances and the skillful way [o diretor] Rob Savage sets the mood to really save the movie ”- ChrisStuckmann.com.

“’Host’ is the kind of movie that could only have been made now” – Wicked Horror.

“’Host’ sounds like the modern equivalent that defined Val Lewton’s low budget productions in the 1940s” – IONCINEMA.com.

Enjoy watching:

“An ingenious film about the restrictions of social isolation, ‘Host’ delivers a roller coaster of thrills that’s straightforward, sweet and absolutely frightening” – The Jam Report.

Watch our review:

Rob Savage performs the feature.

“Host” tells the story of six friends who hire a media to do a session via a video call – but they earn a lot more than they asked for as things start to go wrong. When an evil spirit invades their homes, they realize that they may not survive.

Haley Bishop, Radina Drandova, Edward Linard, Jemma Moore, Caroline Ward and Emma Louise Webb are the stars.

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