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To throw:

Samantha schmütz

Katiuscia Canoro

Evelyne castro

Anderson Di Rizzi

Enjoy watching:

Marcelo Mello Jr.

Director: Pedro Antonio

Genre of comedy

Duration: – min.

Distributor: Paris Films

Budget: BRL million

Released: Jun 9, 2022


Selminha is back! And now it’s the spendthrift Ryca who pays more for whatever she wants and can. The problem is that the joy of the poor is always short-lived. A namesake appears who masquerades as the legitimate heiress. Selminha’s assets are frozen, now her only source of income is what the court grants her until the case is resolved: a minimum wage per month, i.e. 30 reais per day. But Selminha no longer knows how to live in bankruptcy, in misery, in the disgrace of poverty. And even worse: she was the patron saint of the community of Quintino, and with her poverty the whole community also ends up suffering. Selminha, a warrior, a fighter, a Brazilian who never gives up, reappears to resolve not only her life, but that of all those she loves.


»Continuation of the hit ‘Tô Ryca’, released in 2016;




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