“I made Batman for my kids and it was worth it for all the suffering in Justice League,” says Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck had a great trip as Batman, which ended up being cut short by internal DC leadership issues.

Now the actor is revealing that the hero was worth living, even with the conflicted relationship he had with director Joss Whedon in “ Justice League. ”

“I made Batman because I wanted to do it for my kids. I wanted to do something my son liked. I mean, my kids haven’t seen Argo. I wore the costume to my son’s birthday party, which was worth every moment of suffering in the Justice League, ”Affleck admitted.

“Zack wanted to do a version of Frank Miller’s Dark Knight comic book series, which is a very good version of the character. Unfortunately, there are a number of reasons why things turn out the way they did in the movie industry, and just because your face is on the poster doesn’t mean you dictate all of these things. – and if it did, everything would be fine.

Affleck said he was excited to do his best in “ Batman vs Superman, ” and the same didn’t happen in “ Justice League ” because he didn’t feel motivated.

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Additionally, the star said this was the main reason the blanket was hanging.

“I was asked if I wanted to direct and star in a solo Batman movie and I even approved it, but after a while I had lost my enthusiasm and my passion for it all… I thought it was time to pass the idea on to someone who was more committed. It was clear that I had to move on. But I still have fond memories, especially of “Batman vs Superman”.

Several actors have reported a bad experience with director Joss Whedon behind the scenes.

Recalling that the new version of ‘Justice League’ will be an event divided into four parts and lasting four hours (meaning that each “chapter” will have one hour of exposure).

As Snyder has promised, the new release will feature several never-before-seen character arcs, including the full Cyborg story.

And thanks to the trailer, we can already get a taste of what to expect. And it’s delicious. Only the short preview is more emotional than the entire version of Whedon.

The video features the appearance of Darkseid, Desaad and Iris West, in addition to revealing the new look of the Steppe Wolf.

Starring Hallelujah sound, the trailer features several never-before-seen scenes from Zack Snyder’s version and brings a new look at Superman’s dark suit.

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